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Datatool offers many different modes of interacting with the Overwatch game assets.

In general, there are 3 kinds of modes:

  • dump-strings
  • list
  • extract

Dump-strings is a mode used for extracting ALL of the strings that are in Overwatch. To put it simply, if there is a text you can see in game, you will be able to find it somewhere in the output of the list-strings mode. It does not require an output directory. The output of this can be redirected into a text file (see below).

List modes

Listing is very useful if you want to check for the availability of a certain asset for extraction, or the spelling you have to use to extract certain heroes (like Lúcio or Soldier: 76), maps (like Château Guillard) etc. All of the list modes do not require an output directory

Mode Output
list-achievements Lists all of the achievements, requirements to complete them and the reward upon completion.
list-chat-settings List chat settings (WIP)
list-general-unlocks List all of the sprays and player icons that are not hero-specific (stuff from events) and the portrait frames.
list-heroes List all of the heroes, some info, description of their abilities/weapons and color.
list-highlights /
list-keys Nothing that a normal user would need (WIP).
list-lootbox List lootboxes from different events and what I assume are purchase listings and gift rewards.
list-maps List maps and what gamemodes they are available in.
list-subtitles List subtitles for sound files (not linked to the sound files themselves)
list-subtitles-real List the subtitles that are linked to sound files. Mostly hero interactions and pve event voicelines.
list-unlocks List unlocks for all heroes (including skins, sprays, player icons, emotes, victory poses and highlight intros)

Example command:

datatool D:\Overwatch list-heroes

Redirecting list output

If you would like to redirect the output of the list mode, you can use redirects to channel the text into a file:

datatool D:\Overwatch list-heroes>heroes.txt

NOTE: Redirecting is a cmd function, and it always requires to be at the end of the command. The name of the file does not matter.

Clearing the cmd screen

You can clear the previous list outputs using the cls command.

Extract modes

Extract the assets from Overwatch. Default file types are the most compatible. Extract modes require an output path.

Mode Output
extract-abilities Extract the UI elements for the abilities. Does not support arguments.
extract-general Extract icons and sprays not related to heroes (event...) and the player portrait frames. Does not support arguments.
extract-hero-convo Used to extract the in game conversations between heroes. Requires at least one hero as an argument.
extract-hero-voice Used to extract all of the callouts, grunts and other wierd noises made by heroes. Requires at least one hero as an argument.
extract-lootbox Extract all of the lootbox models, entities, effects and shop cards. Doesn not support arguments.
extract-map-envs Extract all of the enviroment data for all of the maps. Including: cubemaps, skybox, ambient sounds... Does not support arguments.
extract-maps Extract effects, entities, models, sound, textures and the map itself. Requires at least one map as an argument.
extract-npcs Extract NPC's effects, entities and models. Requires at least one NPC as an argument.
extract-unlocks Extract the skins, icons, sprays, victory poses, highlight intros, emotes and voicelines (from the shop) from a certain hero. Requires at least one hero as an argument, can specify exactly what you want.

Example command:

datatool D:\Overwatch extract-unlocks "E:\Output path" Mercy


Arguments allow the user to specify what exactly they want to extract.