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This will cover importing .mesh.ascii files into Blender for animation, or to be exported as FBX for animation in other software.

Software Needed


  1. Download the XPS tools.
  2. Follow the Model conversion tutorial (in part or in full) to get the .mesh.ascii files for the character you wish to import. We will be doing Widowmaker.
  3. Install Blender.
  4. Open Blender
  5. Go to File->User Preferences...
  6. Click on the Add-ons tab at the top, then click on Install from File... at the bottom.
  7. Find the xps_tools zip file you downloaded, and click "Install from File..." in the upper left.
  8. Click User under Categories and ensure that "Import-Export: XNLara/XPS Import/Export" is visible and checked.
  9. Close the Blender User Preferences window.
  10. Now go to File->Import->XNALara/XPS Model (.ascii/.mesh/.xps) and navigate to your Widowmaker directory.
  11. Because Overwatch's storage format doesn't use human-readable names, you should see something like "00000000011F.mesh.ascii". This is your Widowmaker model. Select it and click "Import XNALara/XPS Model" in the upper right.
  12. Your model, plus skeleton, has now been successfully imported.
  13. (OPTIONAL) Go to File->Export->FBX... to export the model for use in other software, such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, or Lightwave 3D.


Problem Solution
Plugin won't install, no matter how many times I try
  1. Go to your Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\[Blender Version]\scripts\addons folder.
  2. If you see a folder that says xps_tools, open it.
  3. There should be a XNALaraMesh folder. You need to cut and paste that into the addons folder from step 1.
  4. You can then safely delete the xps_tools folder.
  5. Close and Re-open Blender
  6. Continue from Step 8.