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This will cover importing .owdmdl and .00c files into Blender
This will cover importing .OWM* files into Blender
=Software Needed=
=Software Needed=

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This will cover importing .OWM* files into Blender

Software Needed

Plugin installation

  1. Download the OWMImporter plugin
  2. Open blender and press space to open the search menu
  3. Search for 'Show User Preferences' (you can just type user and use the up/down arrows to select the correct one)
  4. Go to the Add-ons tab and click 'Install from File...' in the bottom of the window and double-click the recently downloaded OWMImporter.zip
  5. Check the checkbox besides 'Import-Export: OWM Import' to enable the plugin
  6. Make sure to click 'Save User Settings' in the bottom of the window
  7. You can now close the window and proceed to the Import steps

Import steps

  1. Press space to open the search menu
  2. Search for either OWMDL, OWMAP or OWMAT (depending on what file you want to import) and press enter
  3. Select the correct file and click 'Import' in the top right corner (or double click it)

Files explained

These are the custom file formats used by dynaomi's Toolchain and Blender Importer. More detailed description


The most commonly imported file. This file contains the model for a hero, weapon or any other object.




This file contains an entire map/level. Usually very large files, so this will slow down your pc quite a lot.