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The first step in obtaining the Overwatch models is to extract the model and texture data from the game. Follow the steps below to get the raw files from the game.

Software Needed



  1. Extract/Install CASCExplorer.
  2. Extract/Install OverTool
  3. Open your OverTool directory.
  4. Copy CascLib.dll and ow.keys into your CASCExplorer directory. Overwrite all files.


  1. Open CASCExplorer.exe
  2. Go to File->Open Storage... and select your Overwatch game's directory, then click open.
  3. Once it's open, click on files on the left-hand window.
  4. Select the 00C, 004 and 04D directories in the right-hand window. These are the model and texture folders.
  5. Right-click on one of the selected folders, and choose Extract...
  6. Click on the ... button on the right, and choose the directory you want to extract the files to, and hit OK. Example: D:\Overwatch\Extracted
  7. Hit OK again and let the files extract.
  8. Once the files have finished extracting, you can start converting both models and textures!


Problem Solution
I'm not seeing the latest files! CASCExplorer hasn't updated their CASC file support since the end of the beta. Make sure you've followed all the steps above in Updating.