Tutorial/Convert Overwatch Images to TGA with Photoshop

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This tutorial will cover converting the Overwatch Images to DDS, then converting the DDS files into a usable format, such as TGA, using Photoshop.

Software Needed


Extract using OverTool

  1. Use OverTool to extract the textures you want. OverTool will automatically convert the textures to DDS files.
  2. Proceed to Convert from DDS

Convert to DDS using Overwatch_texture.exe

  1. Follow the Extracting Tutorial to pull out all of the files in the 004 and 04D folders
  2. Follow the instructions on the Intel Texture Works Plugin page to install the plugin. NOTE: If you have the NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop installed, uninstall them now. Otherwise, this can cause issues while following this tutorial.
  3. Extract the Overwatch_texture.exe from the Overwatch_texture.rar file.
  4. Copy the Overwatch_texture.exe to your Extracted directory/files folder. (The 004 and 04D directories should be in the same folder as Overwatch_texture.exe.)
  5. Double-click the Overwatch_texture.exe. This will start reading the 004 and 04D folders, and convert most/all of the images into DDS images and place them in a DDS folder. Once it's complete, continue to the next step.
  6. (OPTIONAL) Pull out only the textures you want from the DDS folder, and put them into a folder to be converted. For this tutorial, I have copied all of the Tracer DDS images into a Tracer folder. You can run the next steps in the DDS folder itself and convert all the images if you wish.

Convert from DDS

  1. Start Photoshop.
  2. Go to File->Open, open the Files of Type at the bottom, and confirm that you have Intel Texture Works (*.DDS; *.DDS) listed. If you do not see Intel Texture Works listed, double check that you correctly installed the plugin.
  3. Open one of the DDS files in the Tracer folder. When it asks, make sure "Load Transparency as Alpha Channel" is clicked. If you didn't see the pop-up, load one of the color channel images. Those ALWAYS have alphas.
  4. Go to your Actions window. If it's not open, go to Window->Actions to open it.
  5. At the bottom, click the folder icon to add a new action set. You can name this anything you want, from "My Actions" to "Overwatch". I will go with "My Actions". NOTE: You only need to perform this step once. Future actions can go into the "My Actions" set.
  6. Click the folded page icon in the action window to create a new Action.
  7. Make sure the Action Set is set to "My Actions".
  8. Name the action "Save to TGA", or another file-format you want to use. I will use TGA for my example.
  9. Now, go to File->Save as...
  10. Change the format to TGA.
  11. Double check that Alpha Channels is checked.
  12. Hit save.
  13. In the Targa Options window, make sure 32 bits/pixel is selected.
  14. Hit OK.
  15. Close the Image
  16. Hit the stop button on the Action window. Your action has now been successfully recorded.
  17. Make sure no OBJ files are in the Tracer Folder, as Photoshop will attempt to open them in our next step. You can either move the meshes out, or move the images into a new folder.
  18. Go to File->Automate->Batch...
  19. Change the Set to My Actions, and set the Action to Save as TGA.
  20. Under Source, choose Folder, and choose the Tracer Folder. Make sure Suppress File Open Dialogs is checked.
  21. Under Destination, choose Folder, then choose the Tracer folder. Ensure that Override Action "Save As" Commands is checked.
  22. Hit OK.
  23. Wait for Photoshop to finish processing the images.
  24. Import the converted images into whatever software you want!


Problem Solution
Overwatch_texture.exe won't convert images, or gives me an empty directory! Older versions of the program didn't support file extensions. Download the latest version, and it should work. (Or use a mass file-renamer to remove the file's extensions.)