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Filename Description Filename Description
00000000A9BB True self is without form. 00000000A9BE Consider victory. Make defeat an impossibility in your mind.
00000000A9C4 The outcome is not preordained. 00000000A9C5 Overconfidence is a flimsy shield.
00000000A9C7 One day I will repay your kindness. 00000000A92A Om.
00000000A92B Pass into the Iris. 00000000A92E Embrace Tranquility
00000000A94A Sigh 00000000A94B (falling yells)
00000000A97B (death yells) 00000000A98A Repetition is the path to mastery.
00000000A98D Death is whimsical today. 00000000A921 I will not juggle.
00000000A925 I dreamt I was a butterfly. 00000000A932 Bask in the shadow of doubt.
00000000A989 Pain is an excellent teacher. 00000000A991 Adversity is an opportunity for change.
00000000A992 A warrior's greatest weapon... is patience 00000000AD1C A temporary setback.
00000000AD2E Tell me your thoughts, my friend. 00000000AD3C Fortune favors me.
00000000AD5A No. 00000000AD7A (Shivering)
00000000AD26 A glimpse of mastery. 00000000AD29 To hold a grudge is unhealthy... for you.
00000000AD35 In 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...