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Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000A3E4 Fly like an egyptian 00000000B16A Keep together
00000000A3E5 Play nice, play Pharah 00000000B16B (Shivers)
00000000A3E9 Sorry but I need to jet 00000000B16C I need armor
00000000A3EA I've got you on my radar 00000000B16D Hello
00000000A3EB [Ultimate] JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE 00000000B16E Taking point
00000000A3EC (Pained Sound) 00000000B16F Now we're even
00000000A3ED (Pained Sound) 00000000B171 (Shivers)
00000000A3EE We are in this together 00000000B174 (Shivers)
00000000A3EF I will fight by your side 00000000B175 I have honed my skills
00000000A3F0 Fall back and regroup 00000000B176 Go
00000000A3F1 Lets defend as one 00000000B177 That's how we do it
00000000A3F2 Hostiles eliminated 00000000B178 Reinhardt, you know I had a poster of you on my wall when I was younger
00000000A3F3 Justice is done 00000000B179 Attacking
00000000A3F6 Target eliminated 00000000B17A We're on my home turf now
00000000A3F7 You're going to come with me... dead or alive 00000000B17B Yes
00000000A3F8 Rocket jump? That sounds dangerous 00000000B17D That was too close
00000000A3F9 Enemies reengaging 00000000B17E Thank you
00000000A3FA Follow my lead, attack 00000000B17F Negative
00000000A3FB (Pained Sound) 00000000B180 We need a healer
00000000A3FC (Pained Sound) 00000000B181 Right on target
00000000A3FD (Pained Sound) 00000000B182 (Shivers)
00000000A3FE (Pained Sound) 00000000B184 (Pained Sound)
00000000A3FF (Pained Sound) 00000000B185 Enemy turret destroyed
00000000A400 (Pained Sound) 00000000B186 Enemy contact
00000000A404 Get back! 00000000B187 (Shivers)
00000000A405 Clearing the area 00000000B188 I keep the peace
00000000A406 Move back 00000000B189 Stay on target
00000000A409 (Coughs) 00000000B18A Get the payload moving
00000000A40A (Coughs) 00000000B18B Group up
00000000A40B (Coughs) 00000000B18D (Pained Sound)
00000000A40C (Coughs) 00000000B18E Form up
00000000A40D (Coughs) 00000000B18F Get to cover
00000000A40E (Sighs) 00000000B190 Affirmative
00000000A40F (Sighs) 00000000B191 Converge on the objective
00000000A410 (Sighs) 00000000B192 Locate the teleporter
00000000A411 (Sighs) 00000000B193 (Pained Sound)
00000000A412 (Grunts) 00000000B194 (Shivers)
00000000A413 (Grunts) 00000000B195 Did someone call for air support?
00000000A414 (Grunts) 00000000B196 Ugh I hate being grounded
00000000A415 (Grunts) 00000000B197 Clearing the board
00000000A416 (Grunts) 00000000B198 Defend the objective
00000000A417 (Grunts) 00000001FC93 [Ultimate] ROCKET BARRAGE INCOMING!
00000000A418 (Grunts) 00000001FC94 Raptora systems online
00000000A419 (Grunts) 00000001FC95 Time to pick up where I left off
00000000A41A (Grunts) 00000001FC96 Now this looks interesting
00000000A41B (Grunts) 00000001FC97 To the victor go the spoils
00000000A41C (Grunts) 00000001FC98 Group up with me
00000000A41D (Grunts) 00000001FC99 Group up here
00000000A41E (Grunts) 00000001FC9A Greetings
00000000A41F (Grunts) 00000001FC9B Systems at max
00000000A420 (Grunts) 00000001FC9C Hello
00000000A421 (Grunts) 00000001FC9D Need armor
00000000A422 (Grunts) 00000001FC9E I need help
00000000A423 (Grunts) 00000001FC9F Require assistance at my location
00000000A424 (Grunts) 00000001FCA0 I need healing
00000000A425 (Grunts) 00000001FCA1 Need shields
00000000A426 (Grunts) 00000001FCA2 Thanks
00000000A427 (Grunts) 00000001FCA3 You have my thanks
00000000A428 (Grunts) 00000001FCA4 My ultimate is almost ready
00000000A429 (Grunts) 00000001FCA5 Get ready
00000000A42A (Grunts) 00000001FCA6 Operating at maximum efficiency
00000000A42B (Grunts) 00000001FCA7 I am on a roll
00000000A42C (Grunts) 00000001FCA8 I always dreamed of being stationed here
00000000A42D (Grunts) 00000001FCAB Shot down
00000000A42E (Sighs) 00000001FCAC Not a chance
00000000A42F (Sighs) 00000001FCAD Leave this to a professional
00000000A430 (Sighs) 00000001FCAE Target eliminated
00000000A431 (Sighs) 00000001FCAF Targets destroyed
00000000A432 (Sighs) 00000001FCB0 The board is clear
00000000A433 (Coughs) 00000001FCB1 Enemy team nuteralized
00000000A434 (Pained Sound) 00000001FCB2 Get out of there
00000000A435 (Pained Sound) 00000001FCB4 Clear skies ahead
00000000A436 (Pained Sound) 00000001FCB5 Mission accomplished
00000000A437 (Pained Sound) 00000001FCB6 After action report, unstoppable
00000000A438 (Pained Sound) 00000001FCB7 I serve with distinction
00000000A439 (Pained Sound) 00000001FCB8 Commence combat operations
00000000A43A (Pained Sound) 00000001FCBA There's a first time for everything I guess
00000000A43B (Pained Sound) 00000001FCBB You didn't know my mother very well then
00000000A43C (Pained Sound) 00000001FCBC My ultimate is charging
00000000A43D (Pained Sound) 00000001FCBD My ultimate is ready
00000000A43E (Pained Sound) 0000000294C3 (Pained Sound)
00000000A43F (Pained Sound) 0000000294C4 (Pained Sound)
00000000A440 (Pained Sound) 0000000294C5 (Pained Sound)
00000000A441 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8CD Win here and victory is ours
00000000A442 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8CE We've almost won but we can't let up now
00000000A443 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8CF It all comes down to this, lets make it happen
00000000A444 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8D0 Everyone lets work together and win this
00000000A445 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8D1 You're so lucky Tracer, ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of joining Overwatch
00000000A446 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8D2 Hey Torbjorn, check out my new suit, mark 6, state of the art
00000000A447 (Grunts) 00000002A8D3 McCree, where did you learn to shoot like that? Was it Jack? Gabriel?
00000000A448 (Grunts) 00000002A8D4 Work together and we can overcome this
00000000A449 (Grunts) 00000002A8D5 Mum, I know why you didn't want me to join Overwatch but it's still what I want
00000000A44A Pharah reporting 00000002A8D6 Then I have nothing to worry about
00000000A44F Aerial superiority achieved 00000002A8D9 I am on fire
00000000A454 Back in action 00000002A8DB I am unstoppable
00000000A455 Back online 00000002A8DC Systems at max
00000000A456 Remember your training and we'll get through this just fine 00000002A8DD I always dreamed of the day we would fight together
00000000A458 Much better 00000002A8DE Another loss, it's over. We can't let that happen
00000000A459 Sniper detected 00000002A8DF Mum, you're amazing
00000000A45A Targets neutralized 00000002A8E0 Reinhardt you've still got it
00000000A45B I am with you 00000002A8E1 Want to know the forecast?
00000000A45C Push forward 00000002A8E3 Try me
00000000A45D Incoming 00000002A8EA Fly casual
00000000A45E Fallback 00000002A8EB Systems compromised
00000000A45F Turret detected 00000002A8EC Something is not feeling right
00000000A460 It's nearly over, keep up our defense 00000002A8ED Enemy detected
00000000A461 Their time is running out, push them back 00000002A8EE There's a hidden enemy here
00000000A462 We don't have much time, don't let up 00000002A8EF There is someone here
00000000A463 Time is running out, press the attack 00000002A8F0 Oh sorry Reinhardt
00000000A464 Get the payload moving, we can do this 00000002A8F1 That's how it's done
00000000A465 The payload is stopped, let's get it moving 00000002A8F4 Thunderbird systems online
00000000A466 We must work together, move the payload 00000002EBA5 (Laughs)
00000000A467 Thanks for the assist 000000036AEF Hey Torbjorn, what do you think of my new suit?
00000000A468 I will not waste this opportunity 000000036AF1 Hey Torbjorn, check out this new raptorian prototype. Ever seen anything like it?
00000000A469 I am empowered 000000036AF2 Raptorian systems online
00000000A46A I always get my prey 000000036AF3 Detonator spotted, destroy it before it explodes
00000000A46C You're not going anywhere 000000036AF4 Contact, OR-14 on my radar
00000000A46D Tango down 000000036AF7 Nulltroopers inbound
00000000A46E Stay down 000000036AF8 Nulltrooper spotted
00000000A471 Keep it up 000000036AFD I'm hit!
00000000A472 I'm impressed 000000036B06 So this is where mums been hiding
00000000A474 Down 000000036B07 After hearing all of Reinhardts stories i've always wanted to come here
00000000A475 Cretin 000000036B09 Not coming back from this one
00000000A476 I knew I could count on you 000000036B0A They're coming from above
00000000A477 Area pacified 000000036B0B Enemies above us
00000000A478 Defend the point, strike as one 000000036B0C Objective is damaged
00000000A479 Work together, push them back 000000036B0D We're making progress, keep it up
00000000A47A Defend the objective 000000036B0E Objective is going critical, keep it up
00000000A47B Moving the payload, fall in behind me 000000036B0F The objective is almost destroyed
00000000A47C Lets keep the payload moving 000000036B10 Concentrate your attacks on the objective
00000000A47D I have secured the payload, lets move 000000036B11 Destroy the objective
00000000A47E I'm taking the objective, converge on me 000000036B12 Setup our defenses at the objective
00000000A47F In range of the objective, form up on me 000000036B13 On the right
00000000A480 Securing the objective 000000036B14 Target right side
00000000A481 Health restored 000000036B15 On your right
00000000A482 System repaired 000000036B16 On the left
00000000A483 I'm not done yet 000000036B17 Target left side
00000000A484 I'm back 000000036B18 On your left
00000000A485 I will protect the innocent 000000036B19 Enemy target dead ahead
00000000A486 Defend with me 000000036B1A Contact, straight ahead
00000000A487 On guard 000000036B1B They're coming through the doorway
00000000A488 Attack with me 000000036B1C Watch the doorway
00000000A489 All systems checked out, ready for combat manouvers 000000036B1D Enemies below us
00000000A48A Together we will not fail 000000036B1E Watch for targets from below
00000000A48B Stop the payload 000000036B1F Watch behind us
00000000A48C They're moving the payload, stop them 000000036B20 Watch the rear for enemy contacts
00000000A48D We need to stop the payload 000000036B21 It all looks so peaceful from up here
00000000A48F Back in the fray 000000036B22 Let's get the objective moving out
00000000A490 I will not fail again 000000036B26 Don't mess with my family
00000000A491 My team needs me 000000036B28 Kill confirmed
00000000A492 Thank you 000000036B29 You made a tactical error
00000000A493 Excellent teamwork 000000036B2A Got you this time Jessie
00000000A494 I require healing 000000036B2E Enemy shield generator destroyed, good hunting
00000000A495 Target down 000000036B36 I am the rocket queen
00000000B12A (Pained Sound) 000000036B38 Enemy Bastion on my radar
00000000B12B In 5 4 3 2 1 000000036B39 Don't take it personally
00000000B12C I copy 000000036B3A Enemy shield generator taken out
00000000B12D On my way 000000036B3B Enemy shield generator located
00000000B12E I need shields 000000036B3C Find their shield generator
00000000B12F Enemy teleporter destroyed 000000036B3E I'm really hurt here
00000000B130 Enemy turret down 000000036B3F I need healing
00000000B131 (Sighs) 000000036B40 You show em Reinhardt
00000000B132 Clear the area 000000036B41 Securing our flag
00000000B133 5 4 3 2 1 000000036B42 Returning the flag to base
00000000B134 (Pained Sound) 000000036B43 I have the flag, heading back to base
00000000B135 (Pained Sound) 000000036B44 Flag secure, cover me
00000000B136 They have a teleporter 000000036B45 Enemy has taken our flag, cut them off
00000000B137 They're almost out of time, hold on and we win 000000036B46 Converge on the enemy flag carrier
00000000B138 Nice shot 000000036B47 They dropped their flag, get on it
00000000B139 (Laughs) 000000036B48 Flag is free, someone recover it
00000000B13A Ready 000000036B49 Forget about it, just get the next one
00000000B13B (Shivers) 000000036B4B We get it back
00000000B13C I'm going in 000000036B4C Flag dropped, someone pick it up
00000000B13F Press the attack 000000036B4D Jettisoning the flag
00000000B140 Hmm? Something for me? 000000036B4E Enemy flag captured
00000000B141 Damn 000000036B4F Pharah scores, anyone else want a turn?
00000000B142 The enemy is forming up here 000000036B50 Heads up, Eradicator inbound
00000000B143 Behind you 000000036B53 Secure the objective and move it out
00000000B144 Goodbye 000000036B54 We need to group up before we can move out
00000000B145 I agree 000000036B55 Team mate down
00000000B146 Put your security in my hands 000000036B56 We lost one
00000000B147 I've located their teleporter 000000036B59 This is my position
00000000B148 Flying the friendly skies 000000036B5A I'm over here
00000000B149 (Pained Sound) 000000036B5B Slicer incoming, handle it
00000000B14A (Pained Sound) 000000036B5C On your feet, get back in the fight
00000000B14B Friendly down 000000036B5D You're not done yet, come on
00000000B14C Acknowledged 000000036B5E Don't slip up now, we got this
00000000B14D (Pained Sound) 000000036B5F Priority mission, take the objective
00000000B14F I've got you covered 000000036B60 Capture the objective
00000000B150 My ultimate is ready 000000036B61 Objective is taking damage
00000000B151 See you in the air 000000036B62 They're getting through to the objective, tighten up our defense
00000000B152 Eliminate the target 000000036B63 Emergency defensive maneuvers now
00000000B153 No 000000036B64 Our objective is about to be destroyed
00000000B154 System check initiated, green across the board and ready for action 000000036B65 Looks like it's up to me
00000000B155 (Pained Sound) 000000036B66 Just me, I'll show you how it's done
00000000B156 Contact! 000000036B67 Priority objective eliminated
00000000B157 Peace be upon you, Khalil 000000036B68 Objective is down
00000000B158 I lost many good soldiers here 000000036B69 Just a little bit more, don't loose focus
00000000B15A There is always room for improvement 000000036B6A Don't let up now, victory is imminent
00000000B15B I always get my prey 000000036B6B Take out the target, weapons free
00000000B15C Lets setup here 000000036B6C Move to the objective
00000000B15D We're out of time, everyone attack now 000000036B6D Rally together
00000000B15E Stop the payload 000000036DD3 Defend the objective
00000000B15F Barrage ready 000000036DD4 Converge on the objective
00000000B160 All in a days work 000000036DD5 Eliminate the target
00000000B161 (Laughs) 000000036DD6 We don't have much time, don't let up
00000000B162 I earned this 00000003D160 Defend the objective
00000000B163 Pharah out 00000003D161 Enemy has taken our flag, cut them off
00000000B165 Lets keep the skies clear together 00000003D162 Converge on the enemy flag carrier
00000000B168 (Pained Sound) 00000003D163 Converge on the objective
00000000B169 Understood