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These are for items that are used around the game, such as lootboxes, soda cans, basically anything that's not a part of a set or a character. (Or a character's weapon/item.)

Loot Boxes

Filename Description Filename Description
000000003008 Normal Lootbox 000000003FA2 Halloween Lootbox

Usable Items

Filename Description Filename Description
000000003E82 Mei Snowball brawl Snow Pile 000000003E6B Shield Generator Sphere

Holiday Decorations

Filename Description Filename Description
000000003DD0 Mei Ice-block Snowman 000000003DB4 Kadomatsu
000000003DB2 Worried Snowman 000000003DAA Web-surfing Snowman
000000003DA7 Christmas Light String, hanging 000000003DA6 Christmas Light String, straight, short
000000003DA5 Christmas Light String, straight, long 000000003DA3 Peeking Snowman
000000003DA2 Snowman holding Head 000000003DA1 Melted Snowman
000000003D92 Snowman 000000003D64 Mei Emote Snowman