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These are the currently known file types and if known their contents. Type IDs come from keys. Bolded IDs are STU files., Italic IDs are Chunked files

Type Name Description State
002 Map Data
003 EntityDefinition STUEntityDefinition
004 Texture Sometimes has a corresponding 04D file
006 Animation
007 Skeleton Only has a teModelChunk_Skeleton (mskl) chunk
008 Material teMaterial
00C Model
00D Effect GFX
00E Light Data Removed since
00F Shader Group Cache Removed since 1.10.0.
010 Display String Removed
013 DataFlow STUDataFlow
014 AnimAlias STUAnimAlias
015 AnimCategory STUAnimCategory
018 AnimBoneWeightMask STUAnimBoneWeightMask
01A ModelLook STUModelLook
01B StatescriptGraph Defines the layout of a Statescipt script, STUStatescriptGraph
020 AnimBlendTree STUAnimBlendTree
021 AnimBlendTreeSet STUAnimBlendTreeSet. Team4 sometimes calls this a "blend tree template set"
024 Statescript Priority In m_priority
025 GameMessage STUGameMessage
02A SoundFilter STUSoundFilter Removed since 1.22
02B Removed since
02C Sound STUSound
02D SoundSwitchGroup STUSoundSwitchGroup
02E SoundSwitch STUSoundSwitch
02F SoundParameter STUSoundParameter
030 SoundStateGroup STUSoundStateGroup
031 SoundState STUSoundState
033 Removed since
034 Asset Thumbnail Removed
036 UXLink STUUXLink
039 MapCatalog STUMapCatalog, binds 002 to 09F
03E Light Debug Data Removed
03F SoundWEMFile WWise WEM
043 SoundBank WWise BNK
045 UXIDLookup STUUXIDLookup
049 ContactSet STUContactSet
04A Effect Environment FX?
04B JSON ca_bundle.txt.signed
04D TexturePayload Has a corresponding 004 file
04F Removed in 1.22
050 Font Wrapped TTF
051 FontFamily STUFontFamily
054 GenericSettings STUGenericSettings_Base, Random data
055 SoundSpace STUSoundSpace
058 ProgressionUnlocks STUProgressionUnlocks
05A UXScreen STUUXScreen
05E UXResourceDictionary STUUXResourceDictionary
05F VoiceSet STUVoiceSet
062 Stat STUStat
063 Catalog STUCatalog
065 MaterialEffect
068 Achievement STUAchievement
06F Sound Owner Removed since
070 VoiceLineSet STUVoiceLineSet
071 Subtitle
072 LocaleSettings STULocaleSettings
075 Hero STUHero
076 Skin STUSkin Removed in (now virtual)
077 AssetPackage teAssetPackage
078 VoiceStimulus STUVoiceStimulus, a voice sound "trigger"
079 VoiceCategory STUVoiceCategory
07C UXDisplayString
07F Chat replacement "gg ez" => "It's past my bedtime"
085 Shader Group Same structure as 088, pixel + vertex
086 Shader Instance
087 Shader Code
088 Shader Source Same structure as 085. Different structure on dev builds?
08E Effect Unknown Effect
08F Effect Animation Effect
090 ResourceKey STUResourceKey
095 LogicalButton m_logicalButton
096 System Mapping
097 RaycastType STURaycastType
098 RaycastReceiver STURaycastReceiver
09B Sound Binding Removed since
09C PackageBundle Binary stream, use package offsets to find files
09D Announcer
09E Loadout STULoadout (ability or weapon)
09F MapHeader STUMapHeader
0A1 Removed since
0A3 SoundIntegrity STUSoundIntegrity
0A5 Unlock STUUnlock
0A6 SkinTheme STUSkinTheme
0A8 EffectLook STUEffectLook
0A9 String Unlocalized
0AA MapFont STUMapFont
0AC GamePadVibration STUGamePadVibration, controller vibration curves
0AD HeroWeapon STUHeroWeapon, Skin weapon override
0AF Enum > String Mutator? - UI stuff, references bunch of types
0B0 UXViewModelSchema STUUXViewModelSchema
0B2 VoiceWEMFile WWise WEM
0B3 MaterialData
0B6 Movie Bink Video, has a 0BB file for Audio
0BB Video Audio WWise WEM
0BC Map Chunk
0BD Lighting Manifest
0BE Lighting Chunk
0BF LineupPose STULineupPose
0C0 GameRuleset STUGameRuleset
0C2 Highlight Type
0C4 Brawl Information Removed in
0C5 Game Mode STUGameMode
0C6 GameRulesetSchema STUGameRulesetSchema
0C7 Brawl
0C8 RankedSeason STURankedSeason
0CB Shadow Data
0CC Arcade (0EE) Descriptions
0CE TeamColor STUTeamColor
0CF LootBox STULootBox
0D0 VoiceConversation STUVoiceConversation
0D5 STUD/Description
0D6 Something to do with Retribution/Storm Rising. References 0D7
0D7 Retribution/Storm Rising enemy definitions? References NPCs STUHero. Referenced by 0D6
0D9 Brawl Name
0EB Report Response The message when a player you reported is punished or when you are punished
0EC League Team OWL team definition
0EE Arcade Arcade modes
0F1 Localized Texture Added in 1.22 -- Localized to selected language.
0F8 Added in 1.35?
10D Added in 1.35?

Binding Types

These types are references to data set during runtime, like named variables. For example, the game can set data to have tag 00000000001.01C, and then later reference that data in another process by using that GUID. This is so that the game engine can reuse data without creating a new instance of that data, and share it across multiple structures.

In other words, these types do not reference actual game data files, but rather virtual assets created in memory.

The target type can be strict (like 012) or it can be abstract (like 01C)

Type Hex Type (LSB) Name Description
005 0200 Unknown Model Tag Appears on STUModelComponent
012 0880 Skeleton Bone Index matches up with a skeleton bone
016 0A80 Animation Group STUAnimSynchGroup
01C 0D80 Identifier STUIdentifier
03C 0DC0 Hardpoint STUModelHardpoint (aka attachment points or sockets)
06C 0D60 Target Tag STUTargetTag
06D 0360 Unknown Model Tag Appears on STUModelComponent
06E 0B60 Animation Identifier STUAnimIdentifier
076 0AE0 Skin STUSkin
0C3 0430 Celebration STUCelebration