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Overwatch's root file contains a list of these files.

struct APMFile
    u64 buildVersion;
    u32 buildNumber;
    u32 packageCount;
    u32 entryCount;
    u32 unk;
    APMEntry[entryCount] entries;
    APMPackage[packageCount] packages;

struct APMEntry
    u32 index;
    u32 hashA;
    u32 hashB;

struct APMPackage
    u64 localKey;
    u64 primaryKey;              // Points to a STUD file (sometimes) 
    u64 externalKey;             
    u64 encryptionKeyHash;       // Encrypted with this key
    u64 packageKey;              // Key of package itself
    u32 buffersize;              // Filesize when extracted
    u32 unk_1;
    u32 unk_2;
    u32 unk_3;
    byte[16] indexContentKey;    // Content key of the Package Index