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Voice files for Ana, Reyes and Morrison guiding you through the game mode

Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
0000000384F6 [Ana] Torbjorn, why isn't the payload moving? 000000038A66 [Morrison] Here's your chance Oxton, show me what you can do. Just come home safe
0000000384F7 [Ana] But you need to disable the air defenses first 000000038A67 [Morrison] Payload is coming online
0000000384F8 [Ana] We're targeting the courtyard near the clockyard 000000038A6A [Morrison] They can also revive your allies if they get taken out
0000000384F9 [Ana] Watch out for those Slicers, they aren't as strong but they tear up the payload 000000038A6C [Morrison] Tracer, get in there and scout it out
0000000384FA [Ana] Hack underway, the guns should be coming down shortly 000000038A6E [Morrison] But you need to bring down the air defenses first
0000000384FB [Ana] One of you make sure to keep the hack going 000000038A6F [Morrison] Someone needs to stay by the terminal or the hack will be interrupted
0000000384FC [Ana] Use caution, multiple energy signatures detected inside 000000038A71 [Morrison] We need you to meet up with the payload at the clock tower, move out
0000000384FD [Ana] The dropship has entered London's airspace, you need to get those cannons down right now 000000038A72 [Morrison] Good work, I've marked the next air defense node on your hud
0000000384FE [Ana] Significant Omnic presence closing in on your position 000000038A73 [Morrison] The payloads health is at 50%
0000000384FF [Ana] Dropship is on route to the clock tower 000000038A74 [Morrison] Torbjorn, this bomb of yours better work
000000038500 [Ana] When have you ever made something fragile? 000000038A75 [Morrison] I'm restarting the system, it should come back online shortly
000000038501 [Ana] Dropship is on route to Big Ben 000000038A76 [Morrison] We've detected a massive power surge inside the plant
000000038503 [Ana] You're exposed in your current position, watch for attacks from all directions 000000038A78 [Morrison] 3 targets left
000000038504 [Ana] You shouldn't be far from the last node, it's in the cathedral just up the street 000000038A79 [Morrison] The first air defense node is just around the corner
000000038505 [Ana] Our satellites aren't detecting any survivors near you. Looks like Null Sector's done a thorough job clearing the area 000000038A7A [Morrison] Our scans show the last target is inside the cathedral
000000038506 [Ana] Someone needs to stay near the terminal to keep the hack going 000000038A7C [Morrison] One of you needs to stay at the terminal
000000038507 [Ana] This is Captain Amari, the first air defense node is right around the corner 000000038A7D [Morrison] That's a detonator, destroy it before it can explode on the payload
00000003850A [Ana] Team, Null Sector approaching your position 000000038A7E [Morrison] Payload online, initiating startup sequence
00000003850B [Ana] I'm marking it on your hud 000000038A7F [Morrison] Keep everyone safe out there Angela
00000003850C [Ana] In the courtyard, up ahead 000000038A80 [Morrison] You're out in the open there, be careful
00000003850F [Ana] We've detected a new energy signature up ahead, looks like a new Omnic 000000038A86 [Morrison] Torbjorn needs to be revived
000000038511 [Ana] Proceed to the courtyard, the payload is waiting for you 000000038A87 [Morrison] Slicers inbound, keep them off the payload, their lasers will cut right through it
000000038512 [Ana] Good job team, handing you over to Commander Reyes. Amari out 000000038A88 [Morrison] Good work out there team. We've stopped Null Sector and given peace a chance
000000038513 [Ana] Escort the payload to the power station, once your there.. well, it's up to Torbjorn 000000038A89 [Morrison] Rendezvous at the courtyard
000000038514 [Ana] How much time? 000000038A8B [Morrison] The dropships entered London's airspace, you need to get those cannons down asap
000000038515 [Ana] And Reinhardt, don't charge in there on your own 000000038A8C [Morrison] Prepare to fire
000000038516 [Ana] Null Sector's aware of your presence, expect significant resistance from here on out 000000038A8D [Morrison] Take out the remaining Null Sector units
000000038520 [Reyes] That's not going to look good for us on the evening news 000000038A90 [Morrison] 1 target remaining, take it down
000000038521 [Reyes] Watch it, the payloads seriously damaged 000000038A91 [Morrison] There's something wrong with the payload
000000038524 [Reyes] Last target team, get this done 000000038A92 [Morrison] Dropship is inbound to the clock tower
000000038525 [Reyes] You're outnumbered and cut off 000000038A93 [Morrison] Tracers down! Revive her
000000038527 [Reyes] Expect Nulltroopers, Eradicators, Bastions and some OR-14s 000000038A94 [Morrison] Overwatch strike team is down, prepare for emergency medical evac
000000038528 [Reyes] Focus on those OR-14s 000000038A96 [Morrison] Focus on the OR-14s, they're your primary targets
00000003852A [Reyes] They're your first priority, take them out 000000038A97 [Morrison] Hack underway
00000003852B [Reyes] Team, you're out of time, take out the last target 000000038A98 [Morrison] Detecting multiple energy signatures inside the cathedral, proceed with caution
00000003852E [Reyes] We're reading a large number of energy signatures in there Lieutenant so be on your guard 000000038A99 [Morrison] Payload is still charging, keep it safe
000000038530 [Reyes] Team, we need that payload to hurry up 000000038A9A [Morrison] Find the next target
000000038531 [Reyes] We have one chance at this and you're it 000000038A9D [Morrison] There's no time to lose, move to the next target
000000038532 [Reyes] Don't let us down 000000038A9F [Morrison] Someone needs to stay by the terminal to keep the hack going
000000038534 [Reyes] Then make sure it doesn't stop, if that plant blows it's gonna take out a lot of city 000000038AA1 [Morrison] Mercy's down
000000038535 [Reyes] Target down, move to the next one 000000038D40 [Morrison] Good luck out there agents
000000038537 [Reyes] The payloads taking damage, it would probably be a good idea to stop it 000000038D42 [Morrison] Kill confirmed, move to the next target
000000038538 [Reyes] Get that door open, now. Energy levels are peeking 000000038D43 [Morrison] Your orb can be used to hack the air defense terminals
000000038539 [Reyes] Best guess, they're gonna try to blow it 000000038D44 [Morrison] Defend the payload at all costs
00000003853A [Reyes] We've detected a massive power surge from inside the plant 000000038D45 [Morrison] Keep them off the payload
00000003853B [Reyes] Just 2 targets left 000000038D46 [Morrison] Understood Lieutenant, there's a new threat behind the uprising in London, Null Sector. I'm sending you in to deal with them
00000003853C [Reyes] Reyes here, latest Blackwatch intelligence indicates heavy Null Sector numbers inside the power station 000000038D47 [Morrison] The payloads under fire
00000003853D [Reyes] The payloads almost destroyed, protect it all all costs 000000038D48 [Morrison] Teammate down
00000003853E [Reyes] Time is of the essence, you need to hit the bots before they have a chance to regroup 000000038D49 [Morrison] Strike team, we're counting on you. And keep the rookie safe
000000038A47 [Morrison] They need to be disabled before can drop the payload 000000038D4A [Morrison] Well done, 3 targets left
000000038A48 [Morrison] The payloads fully operational, escort it over to the power station 000000038D4C [Morrison] This is Morrison, your mission is to liberate King's Row
000000038A49 [Morrison] Detecting significant Null Sector troops headed in your direction 000000038D4D [Morrison] Null Sector forces are inbound to your position
000000038A4A [Morrison] Reinhardt's down! Get him back up 000000038D4F [Morrison] Dropship incoming
000000038A4B [Morrison] The payloads about to be destroyed! Defend it at all costs 000000038D51 [Morrison] It's going to need a few minutes to get charged up
000000038A4D [Morrison] Keep moving team 000000038D52 [Morrison] This is it agents, get ready
000000038A4E [Morrison] Deploy your utility drone to begin the hack 000000038D53 [Morrison] This is Morrison, London has been attacked, King's Row has fallen. We're on the brink of open war, team, it's up to you
000000038A50 [Morrison] Activating the payload, get ready to attack once the door is down 000000038D55 [Morrison] Payload charging up
000000038A51 [Morrison] Hack commencing 000000038D58 [Morrison] Good job agents, find the next target
000000038A53 [Morrison] Strike team on route to King's Row 000000038D59 [Morrison] Null Sector has 3 anti aircraft guns in King's Row
000000038A54 [Morrison] Null Sector is closing on your position 000000038D5A [Morrison] They need to be disabled before we can drop the payload
000000038A55 [Morrison] Mission failed... Get the Prime Minister on the line, I have some explaining to do 000000038F9B [Reyes] Enemy Bastion. Right side
000000038A57 [Morrison] I'm counting on your Lieutenant, get this done 000000038F9C [Reyes] Enemy Bastion. Left side
000000038A5A [Morrison] New energy signature up ahead, probably a Null Sector bot you haven't come across yet 000000038F9D [Reyes] Enemy Bastion. Straight ahead
000000038A5B [Morrison] Oxton, this is your home turf, let us know the lay of the land 000000038F9E [Reyes] Enemy Bastion. Behind you
000000038A5C [Morrison] 2 targets remaining, your almost there. Don't let up 000000038F9F [Reyes] Detonator approaching on the left
000000038A5D [Morrison] Null Sector has 3 anti aircraft guns in King's Row 000000038FA0 [Reyes] Detonator approaching on the right
000000038A5E [Morrison] You each have a portable drone which can be used to hack the air defense terminals 000000038FA1 [Reyes] Detonator right in front of you
000000038A60 [Morrison] Watch out, the payloads taking damage 000000038FA2 [Reyes] Detonator behind you
000000038A61 [Morrison] Watch for that Bastion 00000003CF0E [Morrison] Detecting significant Null Sector troops headed in your direction
000000038A62 [Morrison] We're planning to drop the payload in the courtyard by the clock tower 00000003CFD4 [Morrison] Payload online, initiating startup sequence
000000038A63 [Morrison] Just need a little longer for the payload to be ready 00000003CFD5 [Morrison] It's going to need a few minutes to get charged up
000000038A64 [Morrison] Here's your chance Tracer, show me what you can do. Just come home safe