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Training bot sounds come from multiple NPCs all named Training Bot as well as Friendly bot

Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
0000000293CB Affirmative 00000002940E (Pained sound)
0000000293CC I agree 00000002940F Where was I? There was this bright, white light
0000000293CD (Pained sound) 000000029413 (Pained sound)
0000000293CE (Pained sound) 000000029414 (Pained sound)
0000000293CF (Pained sound) 000000029415 (Pained sound)
0000000293D0 (Pained sound) 000000029416 (Pained sound)
0000000293D1 (Pained sound) 000000029417 (Pained sound)
0000000293D2 (Pained sound) 000000029418 (Pained sound)
0000000293D3 (Pained sound) 000000029419 I respectfully disagree
0000000293D4 ??? 00000002941A Error, Error
0000000293D5 (Pained sound) 00000002941B Negative
0000000293D6 (Pained sound) 00000002941C (Pained sound)
0000000293D7 (Pained sound) 00000002941D (Freezing) That's cold... ok that is cold
0000000293D8 (Pained sound) 00000002941E (Freezing)
0000000293D9 (Pained sound) 00000002941F (Freezing)
0000000293DA (Pained sound) 000000029420 (Freezing)
0000000293DB ??? 000000029421 (Pained sound)
0000000293DD (Pained sound) 000000029422 (Pained sound)
0000000293DF Nice one 000000029423 (Pained sound)
0000000293E0 I know it's just my programming but... I am suitably impressed 000000029424 Right as always
0000000293E1 Great shot 000000029425 Sooo, what are we doing today?
0000000293E2 Have you been practicing? 000000029426 You almost got me! Just a little bit more
0000000293E3 Ohhh... Unacceptable 000000029427 Come on, finish me off
0000000293E4 (Pained sound) 000000029428 Damage boosted
0000000293E5 Does not compute 000000029429 Ah haa, get outta my way
0000000293E6 (???) That's much better 00000002942A That was really painful... (powering down)
0000000293E7 (???) Thank you 00000002942B Now who's takin' target practice?
0000000293E8 (Laugh) 00000002942C (Pained sound)
0000000293E9 (Laugh) 00000002942D (Pained sound)
0000000293EA (Laugh) 00000002942E (Pained sound)
0000000293EB (Laugh) 00000002942F (Pained sound)
0000000293EC Systems repaired 000000029430 (Pained sound)
0000000293EE (Pained sound) 000000029431 (Pained sound)
0000000293EF (Pained sound) 000000029432 (Pained sound)
0000000293F0 Yes 000000029433 Great shot! You're killing ... me ... (powering down)
0000000293F1 Oh you shouldn't have 000000029434 (Pained sound)
0000000293F2 Thank you 000000029435 (Pained sound)
0000000293F3 System ready 000000029437 I am so excited right now
0000000293F4 Returning to initial location 000000029438 That was something else
0000000293F5 On route 000000029439 Whoo hoo
0000000293F6 No 000000029445 It should have been me
0000000293F7 Oh no 000000029446 Take that automated sentry turret, uhh, wait
0000000293F8 Incoming! 000000029447 Target detected
0000000293F9 Hello 000000029448 (Pained sound)
0000000293FA Goodbye 000000029449 (Pained sound)
0000000293FB Defense protocol initiated 00000002944A (Pained sound)
0000000293FC 5 4 3 2 1 00000002944B (Pained sound)
0000000293FD I... love this part 00000002944C (Pained sound) (Electrocuted)
0000000293FE Ah ha ha, take this 00000002944D (Pained sound) (Electrocuted)
0000000293FF Ohh yes (pew pew pew) 00000002944E You know I can see you over there
000000029400 Acknowledged 00000002944F (Pained sound) (Electrocuted)
000000029401 (Cough) 000000029450 (Pained sound) (Electrocuted)
000000029402 (Cough) 000000029454 Target neutralized
000000029403 (Cough) 000000029455 Target down, hehehehe
000000029404 (Cough) 000000029456 (Pained sound) (Electrocuted)
000000029405 (Cough) 000000029457 Oh cruel fate... take me next time
000000029406 (Cough) 000000029496 Bwooo... Error
000000029407 (Pained sound) 000000029497 (whispers) Target detected
000000029408 Training bot online 000000029498 Take that automated sentry turret! Wait... Tony? TONY NOOOOO!
000000029409 (Scream) 00000002949B (Pained sound)
00000002940A (Scream) 0000000294D5 (Scream)
00000002940B (Scream) 0000000294D6 (Scream)
00000002940C (Pained sound) 0000000294D7 (Scream)
00000002940D (Pained sound)