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Snowball Offensive

These are Soldier: 76s voicelines for the Winter Wonderland 2016 Snowball Offensive Arcade

Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
0000000342BA Alright listen up. We brought you here because you represent the best, strongest, most effective warriors we... you can't be serious 0000000342D4 Revealing the enemies position
0000000342BB Intel just arrived, revealing the enemy 0000000342D5 2
0000000342BC Entering Ecopoint Antarctica 0000000342D6 Ecopoint Antarctica
0000000342BD This is Ecopoint Antarctica recruits 0000000342D7 Heads up, you're outnumbered. Process with caution
0000000342BE Mission Failed 0000000342D8 Watch your six, you're outnumbered
0000000342BF 7 0000000342D9 5
0000000342C0 Listen up, the situation here is critical. I'm counting on you to defeat the enemy, secure the area and come home in one piece 0000000342DA It's all up to you soldier
0000000342C1 Press the advantage 0000000342DB Teammate eliminated
0000000342C2 4 enemies remaining 0000000342DC 2 enemies remaining
0000000342C3 1 0000000342DD 3 enemies remaining
0000000342C4 Welcome to Ecopoint Antarctica 0000000342DE 9
0000000342C5 10 0000000342DF Who authorized you to have fun out there? This isn't an exercise, this is war
0000000342C6 We're all Mei's now 0000000342E0 4
0000000342C7 Draw 0000000342E1 Heads up soldiers, get ready to engage the enemy
0000000342C8 Defeat 0000000342E2 6
0000000342C9 1 enemy remaining 0000000342E3 5 enemies remaining
0000000342CA Play of the game 0000000342E4 There's only 1 target left, hunt them down soldier
0000000342CB Enemy eliminated 0000000342E5 Move out
0000000342CC 3 0000000342E6 We're all scientists now... (sighs) ... right
0000000342CD 1 target remaining 0000000342E7 Now's the time to strike, you have the advantage
0000000342CE Focus soldier, only 1 enemy remaining 0000000342E8 You're evenly matched, be smart out there
0000000342CF 1 enemy remaining 0000000342E9 Last Mei standing
0000000342D0 Mission accomplished 0000000342EA Stay focused, watch your ammo and get this done
0000000342D1 This is Morrison, your mission, secure this installation, destroy the enemy, take no prisoners. It's up to you solider 0000000342EB Welcome to Ecopoint Antarctica soldiers
0000000342D2 Victory 0000000342EC This is Strike-Commander Morrison, you're going up against a highly trained, well equipped and ruthless enemy
0000000342D3 8