Sound Files/Voices/Reaper

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Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000A1C0 I am the Reaper 00000000A1CE Grunts
00000000A1C4 Death Walks Among us 00000000A1CF
00000000A1C5 Dead man walking 00000000A1D3
00000000A1C6 You look like you’ve seen a ghost 00000000A1D4
00000000A1C7 Let’s Kill… 00000000A1D5
00000000A1C8 I’m back in black 00000000A1D7 Long Screams
00000000A1C9 I work the Graveyard Shift 00000000A1D7
00000000A1CA Things are looking... Grim 00000000A1D8
00000000A1CB I like to keep this handy… for close encounters 00000000A1D9 Coughing
00000000A1CD If it lives, I can kill it 00000000A1DA
00000000A1D0 Any last words? 00000000A1DB
00000000A1D2 You cannot bargain with Death 00000000A1DC
00000000A1E3 Yes. 00000000A1DD
00000000A1E4 Death Comes 00000000A1DE Sighs
00000000A1E5 I grow stronger 00000000A1DF
00000000A1E6 Ahhh… 00000000A1E0
00000000A1E7 Die, DIE, DIE! (Death-blossom) 00000000A1E1
00000000A225 Laughing 00000000A222 Haven’t I killed you somewhere before?
00000002A722 00000000A223 Your soul is mine!
00000000A224 There is nothing after death 00000000A227 They’ve returned