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Table of all of Orisa's voicelines


Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
000000034E95 I told you not to move 000000035256 (Pained sound)
000000034FD8 Stay close to me and I will protect you 000000035257 (Pained sound)
000000034FD9 I'm not moving 000000035258 (Coughs)
000000034FDA Holding position 000000035259 (Coughs)
000000034FDB Establishing defense point 00000003525A (Coughs)
000000034FDC Not budging 00000003525B (Coughs)
000000034FDD Not so fast 00000003525C (Coughs)
000000034FDE Don't move 00000003525D (Groans)
000000034FDF Stay there 00000003525E (Groans)
000000034FE0 Your safety is my primary concern 00000003525F (Groans)
000000034FE1 You're not getting away 000000035260 (Groans)
000000034FE2 Halt 000000035261 (Groans)
000000034FE3 Do not resist 000000035262 (Groans)
000000034FE4 Performance analysis, epic 000000035263 (Groans)
000000034FE5 I was only following my programming 000000035264 (Groans)
000000034FE6 Digging in 000000035265 (Groans)
000000034FE7 Running post mission diagnostics 000000035266 (Groans)
000000034FE9 Team up for special attack 000000035267 (Groans)
000000034FEA That went well 000000035268 (Groans)
000000034FEB Evaluating combat performance 000000035269 (Pained sound)
000000034FEC Orisa online 00000003526A (Pained sound)
000000034FED Current outlook... negative 00000003526B (Shivers)
000000034FEE Current outlook... concerning 00000003527C Eliminate priority target
000000034FEF Current outlook... optimal 00000003527F It is remarkable to find a Bastion in such good operating condition, who is responsible for your upkeep?
000000034FF0 Current outlook... uncertain 000000035284 For your safety, please stay close to me
000000034FF1 On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your pain? 000000035285 Saving record of exceptional combat performance
000000034FF2 Threat neutralized 000000035288 Stop right there
000000034FF3 Stay there, the authorities will collect you soon 000000035289 Stop
000000034FF4 Thank you but I still have much to learn 00000003528A Fortifying defenses
000000034FF6 For your own safety, get behind the barrier 00000003528B Routing navigation systems to defense
000000034FF7 Please move behind the barrier 00000003528C Defense mode activated
000000034FF8 Barrier activated 00000003528D Engaging fortifications
000000034FF9 Executing pre-combat routines, optimizing strategy 00000003528E Alert, sniper located
000000034FFA I will simulate our upcoming mission to identify all possible outcomes 000000035290 I'm glad I was not too late
000000034FFB This will be your shield 000000035291 I have you covered
000000034FFC You are advised to move behind my barrier 000000035292 Zarya, I have learned to utilize my graviton charge by watching you
000000034FFD Barrier destroyed, please move to safety 000000035294 I consider Reinhardt to be the model upon which I have based my own behaviors
000000034FFE Barrier status critical 000000035295 Torbjorn Lindholm,you are responsible in part for my creation
000000034FFF Analyzing previous combat performance 000000035296 In 5 4 3 2 1
000000035000 Archiving combat data 000000035298 Cease your resistance (Ultimate)
000000035001 I still have a job to do 00000003529A System restarting
000000035002 I must rejoin my team 00000003529B Was that the iris?
000000035003 I'm still new at this 00000003529C System restart initialized
000000035004 My barrier is failing, recommend moving to safety 00000003529D Rebooting
000000035005 Warning, barrier failing 00000003529E Installing updates
000000035006 Barrier destroyed 00000003529F I am not ready to be deactivated
000000035007 Barrier integrity compromised 0000000352A0 Exceeding standard performance metrics
000000035008 Primary threat neutralized 0000000352A1 Caution, barrier has taken heavy damage
000000035009 Barrier is taking heavy fire 0000000352A2 I recommend moving behind my barrier
00000003500A Barrier is under sustained attack 0000000352A3 For your safety, please move behind the barrier
00000003500E Based on my calculations, this was the likely outcome 0000000352A4 For optimal transit survival, stay in range of my barriers
00000003500F Saving record for future analysis 0000000352A8 My systems are protected by state of the art ....
000000035010 You are advised to cease your resistance 0000000352AA You may be surprised, I have received a number of upgrades since that battle
000000035011 You were warned 0000000352AB I do not dream as humans do... But it is my desire to become the hero believes that I am
000000035012 Summoning emergency services 0000000352AC My barrier won't hold forever
000000035013 Vital signs negative 0000000352AD 5 4 3 2 1
000000035014 Catchphrase... searching... got you 0000000352AE Now I can delete you from my memory
000000035015 Standing ground 0000000352AF Stand back
000000035016 Performance analysis, legendary 0000000352B0 Some functionality may still be in beta
000000035017 Combat protocols initiated, primary objectives confirmed, beginning mission 0000000352B1 I'm simply following my programming
0000000351A6 (Coughs) 0000000352B5 Current outlook... slight chance of rain
0000000351A7 Systems rebooted 0000000352B6 My ultimate is ready, come to my position
0000000351A8 Get to cover 0000000352B7 My supercharger is ready to be deployed, prepare for combat enhancement
0000000351A9 Push forward 0000000352B8 My ultimate is ready
0000000351AA Analysis of recent performance drills indicate victory is likely 0000000352B9 Supercharger is ready to be deployed
0000000351AB If we continue upon this trajectory victory is assured 0000000352BA My ultimate is almost ready
0000000351AC We cannot afford to fail securing this objective 0000000352BB Supercharger is almost ready to be deployed
0000000351AD If we can take this objective, victory is assured 0000000352BC Supercharger powering up
0000000351AE Scanning... Bastion model E54 detected, all models subject to termination 0000000352BD My ultimate is charging
0000000351AF I feel unstoppable 0000000352BE We must halt the payload
0000000351B0 System output overloaded 0000000352BF On my way
0000000351B1 I'm on fire, please do not contact emergency services 0000000352C0 I believe we need a healer
0000000351B2 I'm on fire 0000000352C1 Support requested
0000000351B3 Exceeding expected combat values, recording performance for future analysis 0000000352C2 I'm in need of assistance
0000000351B4 (Grunts) 0000000352C3 Group up with me
0000000351B5 I'm still getting the hang of this 0000000352C4 Locate the teleporter
0000000351B6 A repeat of our past performance will lead to our defeat 0000000352C5 No parking
0000000351B7 We must improve or we will be defeated 0000000352C6 Thank you for your compliance
0000000351B8 Clear the area 0000000352C8 I'm sorry, but I can't do that
0000000351B9 Systems restored 0000000352C9 Move behind the line
0000000351BA System health stabilizing 0000000352CA I told you to stop resisting
0000000351BB Systems repaired 0000000352CB Are you in distress
0000000351BC Updates installed 0000000352CC I am programmed to avoid violence however I have made an exception
0000000351BD System integrity restored 0000000352CD Empathy module, not responding
0000000351BE Requesting shields 0000000352CE For Numbani
0000000351BF Requesting healing 0000000352CF You'll require medical attention
0000000351C0 Moving to engage 0000000352D0 Lethal force authorized
0000000351C1 Focus on the objective 0000000352D3 Multiple targets neutralized
0000000351C2 Clear the area 0000000352D4 Medical assistance has been requested
0000000351C3 Engaging defense module 0000000352D5 Error 404, sarcasm module not found
0000000351C4 Fall back 0000000352D6 Do you need a hug?
0000000351C5 Go 0000000352D8 Error, division by 0
0000000351C6 Goodbye 0000000352DD Would you like my analysis of the situation?
0000000351C7 Farewell 0000000352DE Are you satisfied with your protection
0000000351C8 Until our next interaction 0000000352DF That does not compute
0000000351C9 I'm moving in 0000000352E0 Secure the objective
0000000351CA Group up 0000000352E5 The enemy is taking the objective
0000000351CB Rally at my position 0000000352E6 The payloads stopped, has it malfunctioned
0000000351CC Hello 0000000352E7 Payload has stalled
0000000351CD Greetings 0000000352E8 Commandeering the payload
0000000351CE Get ready 0000000352E9 I am moving with the payload
0000000351CF Incoming 0000000352EA Moving the payload to the destination
0000000351D0 No 0000000352EB I'm escorting the payload, assistance requested
0000000351D1 Armor would be appreciated 0000000352EC Taking possession of the objective
0000000351D2 Requesting armor 0000000352ED Securing the objective, backup requested
0000000351D3 Healing would be appreciated 0000000352EE Initiating objective capture routine
0000000351D4 I need healing 0000000352EF Taking control of the objective,any resistance will be dispersed
0000000351D5 I'm in need of shields 0000000352F0 Current combat simulation indicate high probability of victory
0000000351D6 Affirmative 0000000352F1 Our enemies chances at success are lowering, victory is imminent
0000000351D7 Your aid is appreciated 0000000352F2 We have no choice but to attack, time is running out
0000000351D8 (Grunts) 0000000352F3 Missing window closing, we must achieve victory quickly
0000000351D9 Reinhardt, you are amazing 0000000352F4 I have sent our flag back to base
0000000351DA Zarya, I wish to learn from you 0000000352F5 Our flag is safe
0000000351DB (Pained Sound) 0000000352F6 I have the flag, heading to base
0000000351DC (Pained Sound) 0000000352F7 I have taken the flag, initiating capture routines
0000000351DD Enemy detected 0000000352F8 Dropping the flag
0000000351DE Warning, engaging the enemy 0000000352F9 Relinquishing the flag
0000000351DF Detecting hostile signature at my position 0000000352FA Flag capture protocol complete
0000000351E0 Excuse me 0000000352FB Enemy flag captured, new instructions
0000000351E4 Shine your eyes 0000000352FC The payload must be halted
0000000351E6 Efi will not be happy about this 0000000352FD We must capture and impound the payload
0000000351E7 Systems compromised 0000000352FE The payload is moving, reroute all personnel to stop it
0000000351E8 Virus detected 0000000352FF Enemy is moving the payload
0000000351E9 Weapon systems optimized 000000035300 Unauthorized personnel detected at the objective
0000000351EA Damage output increased 000000035301 Intruders have breached the objective
0000000351EB Lethality level increased 000000035302 Our objective is under attack, disperse the enemy imminently
0000000351EC Behind you 000000035303 The payload is stopped in a no stopping zone, please move it imminently
0000000351EF Thank you 000000035304 We must get the payload moving again
0000000351F0 I must ask Efi to get me one of those 00000003530E (Laughs)
0000000351F1 Enemy turret neutralized 00000003530F (Laughs)
0000000351F2 (Grunts) 000000035310 One electric sheep, two electric sheep, three electric sheep
0000000351F3 Please stand back 000000035311 Error detected
0000000351F4 Fistbump 000000035312 System malfunction
0000000351F5 Stop resisting 000000035313 We must secure our flag imminently
0000000351F6 Systems operating at maximum potential 000000035314 The enemy has taken possession of our flag
0000000351F8 Radar is clear, all enemies eliminated 000000035315 Enemy has lost possession of our flag
0000000351FB Enemies reviving, prepare to reengage 000000035316 Priority objective, recover the flag
0000000351FC Enemy shield generator destroyed 000000035317 We need to increase our flag security protocols
0000000351FD Enemy shield generator located 000000035318 (Laughs)
0000000351FE Enemy shield generator detected 000000035319 We must not let that happen again
0000000351FF Enemy spotted 00000003531B I would advise against it
000000035200 Enemy visually confirmed 00000003531C That does not compute
000000035201 Enemies found, preparing to engage 00000003531D If I believed in luck, I would consider that lucky
000000035202 Enemy gathering detected, preparing to disperse 00000003531E An improbable escape
000000035203 Sniper detected. Threat level, lethal 000000035322 I agree
000000035204 Enemy teleporter destroyed 000000035324 I am feeling a rush of positive emotion
000000035205 Enemy teleporter located 000000035335 Goodbye
000000035206 Priority task, find the enemy teleporter 000000035336 Scanning files... combat diagnostics... important cat photos... wait, Efi
000000035207 Enemy turret located 000000035397 (Laughs)
000000035209 Understood 000000038FA3 Objective eliminated
00000003520A Reinhardt, I will avenge you 000000038FA4 Objective is damaged, keep up our attack
00000003520B (Grunts) 000000038FA5 Continue to focus your attacks on the objective
00000003520C (Grunts) 000000038FA6 Update, objective status critical
00000003520D (Grunts) 000000038FA7 Destroy the target
00000003520E (Grunts) 000000038FA8 Destroy the objective
00000003520F (Grunts) 000000038FA9 Defend the objective
000000035210 (Grunts) 000000038FAA Enemy detected on the right
000000035211 (Sighs) 000000038FAB Enemy detected on the left
000000035212 (Sighs) 000000038FAC Enemy detected straight ahead
000000035213 (Sighs) 000000038FAD Enemy detected in the doorway
000000035214 (Sighs) 000000038FAE Enemy detected below us
000000035215 (Sighs) 000000038FAF Enemy detected to our rear
000000035216 (Sighs) 000000038FB0 Enemy detected above us
000000035217 (Sighs) 000000038FB1 Status, incapacitated
000000035218 (Sighs) 000000038FB2 I need to be revived
000000035219 (Sighs) 000000038FB3 Enemy bastion destroyed
00000003521A (Pained sound) 000000038FB4 Enemy OR-14 spotted
00000003521B (Pained sound) 000000038FB5 Enemy bastion detected
00000003521C (Pained sound) 000000038FB6 Can't I guide your way tonight
00000003521D (Pained sound) 000000038FB7 Meet on the objective
00000003521E (Pained sound) 000000038FB8 We must group up before we can continue
00000003521F (Pained sound) 000000038FB9 Escorting the objective to the destination
000000035220 (Grunts) 000000038FBA Status update, objective has taken damage
000000035221 (Pained sound) 000000038FBB Team status, 1 ally incapacitated
000000035222 (Pained sound) 000000038FBC Team status, 2 allies incapacitated
000000035223 (Grunts) 000000038FBD A member of our team needs to be revived
000000035224 (Grunts) 000000038FBE Detonator incoming
000000035225 (Pained sound) 000000038FBF Detonator neutralized
000000035226 (Pained sound) 000000038FC6 Enemy B73 detected
000000035227 (Pained sound) 000000038FC7 Nulltroopers engaging
000000035228 (Pained sound) 000000038FC8 Nulltrooper engaging
000000035229 (Pained sound) 000000038FC9 I will protect this city, whatever the cost
00000003522A (Pained sound) 000000038FCA Attack the enemy flag
00000003522B (Pained sound) 000000038FCB Capture the flag
00000003522C (Pained sound) 000000038FCC Slicer incoming
00000003522D (Pained sound) 000000038FCD Slicers detected
00000003522E (Pained sound) 000000038FCE We need you in the fight
00000003522F (Pained sound) 000000038FCF You are back in the fight
000000035230 (Pained sound) 000000038FD0 Our time is running out, we must increase our performance
000000035231 (Pained sound) 000000038FD1 Capture the objective
000000035232 (Pained sound) 000000038FD2 Take the objective
000000035233 (Pained sound) 000000038FD3 Our objective is taking damage
000000035234 (Pained sound) 000000038FD4 Status update, objective taking damage
000000035235 (Pained sound) 000000038FD5 Focus our defenses or our objective will be destroyed
000000035236 (Pained sound) 000000038FD6 Status update, objective health crirical
000000035237 (Pained sound) 000000038FD7 Team status, all allies incapacitated
000000035238 (Pained sound) 000000038FD8 Altering strategy for solo engagement
000000035239 (Pained sound) 000000038FD9 Defend our flag
00000003523A Our numbers are reduced, be careful 000000038FDA We must defend our flag
00000003523B (Pained sound) 000000038FDB This is my current location
00000003523C (Pained sound) 000000038FDC Reporting location
00000003523D (Pained sound) 000000038FDD Before Efi rebuilds me, I was defeated here by Doomfist, I must learn from the memory
00000003523E (Pained sound) 000000038FDE Efi would be honored to be able to meet such an accomplished scientist and a member of Overwatch
00000003523F (Pained sound) 000000038FDF Thank you E54, it seems that you are growing from your original programming as well
000000035240 (Pained sound) 000000038FE0 I do not know about this Vishkar, but I am programmed to assist where I can
000000035241 (Pained sound) 000000038FE1 I am sure she would love to, she is a big fan of your music, as am I
000000035242 (Pained sound) 000000038FE2 My artificial intelligence makes it possible to learn from my experiences and from everything I observe
000000035243 (Pained sound) 000000038FE3 I wish Efi could be here... perhaps some day
000000035244 (Pained sound) 000000038FE4 Move to the objective
000000035245 (Pained sound) 000000038FE5 Recording... Efi will want to see this
000000035246 (Pained sound) 000000038FE6 I am seriously damaged
000000035247 I'm on route 000000038FE7 Saving for future analysis
000000035248 Push forward 000000038FE8 Eradicator detected
000000035249 Move the payload 000000038FE9 Our teammate needs to be revived
00000003524A Systems ready 000000038FEA We must get our flag back
00000003524B Setup here 000000038FEB Recover our flag
00000003524C Thank you 000000038FEC I'm over here
00000003524D Thanks 000000038FED System integrity greatly compromised
00000003524E I am with you 000000038FEE Eliminate the objective
000000035250 Yes 00000003CB61 Eliminate priority target
000000035251 In-affirmative 00000003CB62 Secure the objective
000000035252 (Shivers) 00000003CB63 Our enemies chances at success are lowering, victory is imminent
000000035253 (Pained sound) 00000003CB64 Mission window closing, we must achieve victory quickly
000000035254 (Shivers) 00000003CB65 Current combat simulation indicate high probability of victory
000000035255 (Shivers)