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Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000A497 Mercy on call 00000001FF76 Pharah, if your mother could see you now I think she'd be proud of you
00000000A498 There's no prescription to treat what you have 00000001FF77 You seem well Genji
00000000A49E The doctor is in 00000001FF78 Victory does not come easily, but now we have a chance
00000000A49F (Pained Sound) 00000001FF79 If we succeed here we will be victorious
00000000A4A0 (Pained Sound) 00000001FF7A This is our opportunity, lets not let it go to waste
00000000A4A1 Maximum health 00000001FF7B We've made the first step, now lets go for victory
00000000A4A2 Fully healed, now get out there 00000001FF7C It is not over yet, we can turn this around
00000000A4A3 All better 00000001FF7D The fight has only just begun
00000000A4A4 I require medical attention 00000001FF7E Keep an eye on your health and call for me if you need assistance
00000000A4A5 Did someone call a doctor? 00000001FF7F Be careful out there
00000000A4A6 Get them off me! 00000001FF80 I couldn't have done it alone
00000000A4A7 They're all over me 00000001FF81 I am touched by your support
00000000A4A8 Ohh, you are good 00000001FF82 It's nice to be appreciated
00000000A4AA (Sigh) I'll be busy soon enough 00000001FF87 Doctors orders
00000000A4AB I'm being attacked! 00000001FF89 Join me
00000000A4AC I'm under attack! 00000001FF8A Group up with me
00000000A4AD Damage boost engaged 00000001FF8B Group up here
00000000A4AF You are not looking well 00000001FF8C Affirmative
00000000A4B0 Medic! Wait, that's me 00000001FF8D I understand
00000000A4B1 (Pained Sound) 00000001FF8E Helping those is need is it's own reward
00000000A4B2 (Pained Sound) 00000001FF8F Well this is a pleasant surprise
00000000A4B3 (Pained Sound) 00000001FF94 A clean bill of health
00000000A4B4 (Pained Sound) 00000001FF95 I'm on fire
00000000A4B5 (Pained Sound) 00000001FF96 Operating at optimal levels
00000000A4B6 (Pained Sound) 00000001FF97 I am operating at peek performance levels
00000000A4B7 [Ultimate] HEROES NEVER DIE 00000001FF98 Must violence always be the solution?
00000000A4B8 Still here 00000001FF99 Overwatch was shutdown for a reason... maybe it's best it stay that way
00000000A4B9 I'm right here 00000001FF9A Greetings
00000000A4BA Still with you 00000001FF9B Hello there
00000000A4BB I'm taking care of you 00000001FF9C Get ready
00000000A4BC Lets get you back out there 00000001FF9D Need armor
00000000A4BD Healing stream engaged 00000001FF9F I'm still here
00000000A4BE Patching you up 00000001FFA0 Damage amplified
00000000A4BF Where does it hurt? 00000001FFA1 Damage increased
00000000A4C1 Right beside you 00000001FFA2 Cover me
00000000A4C3 I've got you 00000001FFA3 I could use some assistance
00000000A4C4 I'm here 00000001FFA4 Another patient for my operating table
00000000A4C5 We make a great team 00000001FFA6 Reinhardt, I don't approve of you dragging that poor girl around on your adventures
00000000A4C6 We are unstoppable 00000001FFA8 I am ready to resurrect you
00000000A4C7 Don't let up on them 00000001FFA9 My ultimate is charging
00000000A4C8 Keep going, i've got you 00000001FFAA My ultimate is almost ready
00000000A4C9 Keep it up 00000001FFAB My thanks
00000000A4CA Still here 00000001FFAC Thanks
00000000A4CC Still with you 00000001FFAD I need shields
00000000A4CD Powered up 00000001FFAE I need health
00000000A4CE You're ready to do some damage 00000001FFAF I could use a hand
00000000A4CF (Cough) 00000001FFB0 My ultimate is ready, go, i'll be watching over you
00000000A4D0 (Cough) 00000001FFB1 Mei you haven't aged a day, what's your secret?
00000000A4D1 (Cough) 00000002939F Valkyrie online
00000000A4D2 (Cough) 0000000293A0 Super!
00000000A4D3 (Cough) 0000000293A1 Danke
00000000A4D4 (Sighs) 0000000293A2 (German) Die Wunder der modernen Medizin
00000000A4D5 (Sighs) 0000000293A3 (German) Mercy im Bereitschaftsdienst
00000000A4D6 (Sighs) 0000000293A4 (German) Gute arbeit!
00000000A4D7 (Sighs) 0000000293A5 Connection ongoing
00000000A4D8 (Grunts) 0000000293A7 (German) Ich brauche Hilfe!
00000000A4D9 (Grunts) 0000000293A9 Ya
00000000A4DA (Grunts) 0000000293AA (German) Heilstrahl aktiviert
00000000A4DB (Grunts) 0000000293AB (German) Hat jemand den Arzt gerufen?
00000000A4DC (Grunts) 0000000293AC (German) Und, wo tut's jetzt weh?
00000000A4DD (Grunts) 0000000293AD (German) Auf einer Skala von eins bis zehn, wie fest tut es weh?
00000000A4DE (Grunts) 0000000293AE (German) Ich kümmere mich um dich
00000000A4DF (Grunts) 0000000293AF (German) Schaden verstärkt
00000000A4E0 (Grunts) 0000000293B0 Danke
00000000A4E1 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B1 Take two and call me in the morning
00000000A4E2 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B2 Chow
00000000A4E3 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B3 (German) Entschuldigung
00000000A4E4 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B4 (German) Verstanden
00000000A4E5 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B5 (German) Bedauerlich
00000000A4E6 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B6 [Ultimate] (German) Helden sterben nicht!
00000000A4E7 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B7 (German) Ich bin da
00000000A4E8 (Pained Sound) 0000000293B8 Nein
00000000A4E9 (Grunts) 0000000293B9 (German) Schöner Treffer!
00000000A4EA (Grunts) 0000000293C0 (German)
00000000A4EB (Grunts) 0000000293C3 (German)
00000000A4EC (Grunts) 0000000293C5 (German) 5 4 3 2 1
00000000A4ED (Grunts) 0000000293C6 (German) Verdammt
00000000A4EE (Grunts) 0000000293C7 (German)
00000000A4EF (Grunts) 0000000293C9 (German) Sprechstunde bei der Frau Doktor.
00000000A4F0 (Grunts) 000000029479 Connection ongoing
00000000A4F1 (Grunts) 000000029494 (German) Immer unterbricht mich jemand bei der Arbeit
00000000A4F2 (Grunts) 00000002949C (Pained Sound)
00000000A4F3 (Grunts) 00000002949D (Pained Sound)
00000000A4F4 (Sighs) 00000002949E (Pained Sound)
00000000A4F5 (Sighs) 00000002A478 [Ultimate] Till Valhalla!
00000000A4F6 (Sighs) 00000002A894 Piece of cake
00000000A4F7 (Sighs) 00000002A896 Ana, I don't approve of what you've done with my biotic technology
00000000A4F8 (Sighs) 00000002A89A You know, smoking's bad for your health
00000000A4F9 (Cough) 00000002A89B I got you some chocolates Genji, Swiss, they're the best
00000000A4FA (Pained Sound) 00000002A89C You know Ana, there are procedures we could look into to repair your eye
00000000A4FB (Pained Sound) 00000002A89D Ah, I suppose it will have to do, thank you Genji
00000000A4FC (Pained Sound) 00000002A89E Why are you looking at me Mei?
00000000A4FD (Pained Sound) 00000002A8A0 I feel unstoppable
00000000A4FE (Pained Sound) 00000002A8A1 I am unstopabble
00000000A4FF (Pained Sound) 00000002A8A2 I feel empowered
00000000A500 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8A7 I've detected a hidden enemy
00000000A501 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8A8 Enemy detected
00000000A502 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8A9 Someones hiding here
00000000A503 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8B1 Sometimes i'm not sure why I even bother
00000000A504 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8B7 You really should take better care of yourself
00000000A505 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8B8 I'm not feeling well
00000000A506 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8B9 I'm feeling my best
00000000A507 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8BC You're welcome
00000000A508 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8BE Mercy, as summoned
00000000A509 (Pained Sound) 00000002A8C5 Enchanting your damage
00000000A50A (Pained Sound) 00000002A8C6 Maintaining the damage enchantment
00000000A50B (Pained Sound) 00000002A8C7 Casting a healing spell
00000000A50C (Pained Sound) 00000002A8C8 Maintaining the healing spell
00000000A50D (Pained Sound) 00000002A8C9 Witches don't die that easily
00000000A50E (Pained Sound) 00000002A8CA Mercy as summoned
00000000A50F (Pained Sound) 00000002A8CB Mercy is here
00000000A512 I'm not a miracle worker, well, not always 00000002EB58 (Laughs)
00000000A513 Please state the nature of the medical emergency 00000002ED1B [Halloween] What if I gave you the chance to undo the choices you've made?
00000000A514 Need a second opinion? 00000002ED1C [Halloween] What would you give me, were I to heal your arm, Gunslinger?
00000000A516 Enemies reviving! 00000002ED1D [Halloween] I could restore your sight... my price would only be a very small thing
00000000A517 Now where am I needed? 00000002ED1E [Halloween] You believe your brother Archer... but he lives
00000000A518 A speedy recovery 00000002ED1F I use to believe that witches lived in these woods... ridiculous, isn't it?
00000000A519 Much better 00000002ED20 Starting over from the beginning
00000000A51A Sniper, be careful 00000002ED21 Ah, the wonders of modern medicine
00000000A51B I'm no angel 00000002ED22 Go my servant, destroy them
00000000A51C I'm with you 00000002ED23 I must go where i'm needed
00000000A51D Push forward 00000002ED24 [Halloween] Those enchanted can never die
00000000A51E Incoming 00000002ED29 [Ultimate] MY SERVANTS NEVER DIE!
00000000A51F Fallback 00000002ED2A Come here and I will heal you
00000000A521 Pull together, we can do this 00000002ED2B [Halloween] A dark power calls you forth
00000000A522 Don't let up, it's almost over 00000002ED2C Come here for healing
00000000A523 Pick up the pace, we can do this 00000002ED2D [Halloween] Dr. Junkenstein... remember the price agreed upon
00000000A524 We're running out of time 00000002ED30 Heh, superstition
00000000A525 Lets get the payload moving again 00000002ED31 Your guardian angel
00000000A526 The payloads stopped 00000002ED33 A most impressive display
00000000A527 We need to keep the payload moving forward 00000002ED38 You should be at peak performance levels
00000000A528 I feel powerful 00000002ED39 Well done
00000000A529 Thank you 00000002ED3A Don't stop now
00000000A52A Ah, so that's how it feels 00000002ED3B You've got this
00000000A52B The prognoses is not good 00000002ED3C Your support has arrived
00000000A52C You've been discharged 00000002ED3D You needed a doctor?
00000000A52E Where does it hurt? 00000002ED3E Let me get you patched up
00000000A52F You might not want to tell your friends about that 00000002ED3F Questionable judgement
00000000A530 It had to be done 00000002ED40 Genji, I was too late
00000000A531 Great job 00000002ED41 Mercy has been summoned
00000000A532 Nice shot 00000002ED42 Casting a spell on you
00000000A533 Flatlined 00000002ED43 My damage spell is upon you
00000000A535 Say "ahh" 00000002ED44 I have empowered you
00000000A536 Clear 00000002ED45 I sense a concealed enemy
00000000A537 Thanks for looking out for me 00000002ED46 Did someone call for a witch?
00000000A538 Never knew I had it in me 00000002ED47 My healing spell is upon you
00000000A539 Clear the point 00000002ED48 My spell is still upon you
00000000A53A We need to defend the objective 00000002ED49 Your health is restored
00000000A53B Protect the objective 00000002ED4A I'm on fire... but this witch doesn't burn
00000000A53C Lets keep it moving 00000002ED4B That poor lost soul
00000000A53D I'm moving the payload 00000002ED4C I am the chooser of the slain
00000000A53E Protect the payload 00000002ED4D (Evil Laugh)
00000000A53F I'm taking the point 00000002EE4A My spell is still upon you
00000000A540 Taking the objective 000000033487 [Ultimate] MY SERVANTS NEVER DIE
00000000A541 I'm capturing the objective 000000037F41 That's what you always say
00000000A542 That's better 000000037F43 Torbjorn, the payload doesn't look like it's doing too well
00000000A543 Self medicating 000000037F44 We can't let the payload take anymore damage
00000000A544 I'll be watching over you 000000037F46 What about you?
00000000A545 Defend with me 000000037F48 I can't heal the payload, we need to keep it safe
00000000A546 Attack with me 000000037F49 Remember we are here to save lives
00000000A547 I'll enjoy the quiet while it lasts 000000037F4A Keep quiet, we don't want to attract any unnecessary attention
00000000A548 Take a deep breath, now, lets achieve our objectives 000000037F4B Hopefully most people were able to escape
00000000A549 The payload is on the move 000000037F4C Speak for yourself
00000000A54A Push them back 000000037F4D It's not working is it Torbjorn?
00000000A54B We need to stop them 000000037F4E Even Omnics worry about death but not these Null Sector extremists
00000000A54D Back in the fight 000000037F4F Torbjorn, what was that sound?
00000000A54E The wonders of modern medicine 000000037F50 Define "little snag"
00000000A54F Good as new 000000037F52 Here we go
00000000A550 (Relief) Ahh 000000037F53 Inspires confidence, doesn't he
00000000A551 Much better 000000037F54 This is the last one, there's no time to lose
00000000A552 I need healing 000000037F55 Fine, just watch my back
00000000B0BD On my way 000000037F56 There's so many of them
00000000B0BE Enemy turret neutralized 000000037F58 Just a couple of targets left, lets take them out quickly
00000000B0BF Enemy seen 000000037F59 We'll find a way but first we need to save whats left
00000000B0C0 I can't do this all myself 000000037F5A Someone needs to get back to the terminal
00000000B0C1 We're out of time, attack 000000037F5B We half to believe that there's still something to be saved
00000000B0C2 Maintaining connection 000000037F5F Beginning the hack, stay near the terminal while it's in progress
00000000B0C3 Back to square one 000000037F61 Rights for Omnics, so they say
00000000B0C4 That was close 000000037F62 Tracer, are feeling alright?
00000000B0C5 Find their teleporter 000000037F63 You let me know if that changes
00000000B0C7 Understood 000000037F64 Don't worry Lena, i'll keep you safe out there
00000000B0C9 Improvements have been made 000000037F65 Can't have anything happen to our recruit on her first mission
00000000B0CB We need to clear the area 000000037F67 It's strange to see the streets so empty
00000000B0CC Now this is a role reverser 000000037F68 Someone needs to stay on the node or the hack stops
00000000B0CD (Pained Sound) 000000037F69 There's a long way to go, a lot can still go wrong
00000000B0CE Hmmph 000000037F6C Someone watch my back
00000000B0CF (Pained Sound) 000000037F6D Remember someone needs to stay near the node while the hack is underway
00000000B0D0 Absolutely not 000000037F6E Hack underway
00000000B0D1 (Pained Sound) 000000037F6F Even their own
00000000B0D2 They have a teleporter 000000037F70 Easier said than done
00000000B0D3 Yes 000000037F71 Just a few more to go, don't worry, i'll keep you all in the fight
00000000B0D4 They're grouping up here 000000038036 Someone recover our flag
00000000B0D5 I am ready to revive you 000000038037 Detonator approaching from the right
00000000B0D6 Ah, a moment to enjoy some piece and quiet, probably just a moment though 000000038038 Enemy Bastion on the right
00000000B0D7 Take cover 000000038039 Enemies on the left
00000000B0D8 I concur 00000003803A Watch the left side
00000000B0D9 (Pained Sound) 00000003803B Detonator approaching on the left
00000000B0DA We need another healer 00000003803C Enemy Bastion on the left
00000000B0DB Behind you 00000003803D Watch in front of us
00000000B0DC Your personal guardian angel 00000003803E They're attacking from the front
00000000B0DD We of the same mind 00000003803F Enemy Bastion straight ahead
00000000B0DE In 5 4 3 2 1 000000038040 Watch the right
00000000B0E0 We need to move the payload 000000038041 Watch for enemies in the doorway
00000000B0E1 I lost her 000000038042 Be careful, they're below us
00000000B0E2 What happened to you? 000000038043 They're coming from below
00000000B0E4 So that's what it feels like 000000038044 The enemy is behind us
00000000B0E5 I require shields 000000038045 Watch behind us
00000000B0E6 Setup here 000000038046 Enemy Bastion behind us
00000000B0E8 Go 000000038047 Watch for targets above you
00000000B0E9 (Pained Sound) 000000038048 Enemies coming in from above
00000000B0EA I've learned a lot from my experiences 000000038049 Get me back into the fight
00000000B0EB I'm ready 00000003804A I need to be revived
00000000B0ED (Pained Sound) 00000003804B They're coming through the doorway
00000000B0EE Something I could use? 00000003804C Enemies on the right side
00000000B0EF (Pained Sound) 00000003804D Destroy the objective
00000000B0F0 Help me! 00000003804E Destroying the objective is our top priority
00000000B0F1 Dammit, couldn't get there in time 00000003804F Get up Torbjorn, you're not going to die that easily
00000000B0F2 Damn 000000038050 No lying down on the job lieutenant
00000000B0F3 The enemy teleporter is here 000000038051 We need to capture the objective
00000000B0F4 Always consult your doctor before engaging in strenuous activity 000000038052 Don't let them destroy the objective
00000000B0F5 Well, I suppose I'll be patching you up... as usual 000000038053 Our objective's taking fire
00000000B0F6 I lost him 000000038054 We can't let them destroy our objective
00000000B0F7 I need armor 000000038055 Our objective is about to be destroyed, this is it
00000000B0F8 (Pained Sound) 000000038056 I suppose i'll be handling this on my own then
00000000B0F9 No 000000038057 Well it looks like it's up to me
00000000B0FA I don't do this for the reward but I won't turn it down either 000000038058 No vital signs detected
00000000B0FB My ultimate is ready 000000038059 Target eliminated
00000000B0FC I'm defending 00000003805A We need to take out the target
00000000B0FD On a scale of 1-10, how is your pain? 00000003805B Rendezvous at the objective
00000000B0FE (Pained Sound) 00000003805C Go to the objective
00000000B0FF Eliminate the target 00000003805D We need to gather together before we can continue
00000000B101 (Pained Sound) 00000003805E Escort the objective to the destination
00000000B102 Defend the objective 00000003805F Lets move with the objective
00000000B103 I'm at the top of my field 000000038060 The objective is taking damage, pay attention
00000000B104 Vital signs negative 000000038061 We're making progress on the objective, keep it up
00000000B105 I'm going in 000000038062 Enemy objective is hanging by a thread, lets get in there
00000000B106 Excellent 000000038063 Objective health is critical
00000000B107 Enemy teleporter destroyed 000000038064 Torbjorn needs to be revived
00000000B108 Goodbye 000000038065 Reinhardt's down, get him back up
00000000B109 Stop the payload 000000038066 Tracer's down, someone revive her
00000000B10A Enemy turret ahead, watch yourselves 000000038067 OR14 engaging
00000000B10B (Laughs) 000000038068 The enemy has a shield generator
00000000B10C Keep the skies clear for me 000000038069 I've located the shield generator
00000000B10D Not good 00000003806A Enemy shield generator destroyed
00000000B10E I have the distinct feeling that i'm needed somewhere 00000003806C Detonator spotted, we need to keep that at bay
00000000B10F (Pained Sound) 00000003806D Detonator destroyed
00000000B110 (Pained Sound) 000000038072 Enemy Bastion, be careful
00000000B111 What do we have here? 000000038073 Enemy Bastion destroyed
00000000B112 We could all use a helping hand sometime 000000038076 I lost him
00000000B113 Now this must be a surprise to you 000000038077 We need to revive them
00000000B114 Press the attack 000000038078 We have an ally down
00000000B115 I'm sorry, I was too late 000000038079 One of our allies needs to be revived
00000000B116 I believe they have a teleporter 00000003807C Our flag is free, someone tag it
00000000B117 Our time is running out, everyone get on defence 00000003807E The commander would never forgive me if I lost you on your first mission
00000000B118 Don't thank me, just doing my job 00000003807F Eradicator spotted, proceed with caution
00000000B119 (Pained Sound) 000000038080 Enemy flag captured
00000000B11B I'll send you my consultation fee 000000038082 Nulltrooper spotted
00000000B11C Attack 000000038083 Nulltroopers closing in
00000000B11D I can see I have my work cut out for me 000000038087 It all seems so peaceful from up here
00000000B11E (Laughs) 000000038088 I need healing
00000000B11F 5 4 3 2 1 000000038089 I'm seriously injured
00000000B120 (Pained Sound) 00000003808A Sending the flag back to base
00000000B121 Maintaining connection 00000003808B Recovering our flag and sending it back to base
00000000B122 Thank you 00000003808C I am in possession of the enemy flag
00000000B123 (Pained Sound) 00000003808D Taking the enemy flag
00000000B124 Form up 00000003808E Hurry and recover our flag
00000000B125 Attack the objective 00000003808F Our flag has been taken, recover it!
00000000B126 (Pained Sound) 000000038090 The enemy has dropped our flag
00000000B127 Hello 000000038091 Our flag is free, someone return it
00000000B128 Group up 000000038092 Disappointing
00000000B129 Protect the objective 000000038093 That was not in the plan
00000000B53E [Ultimate] HEROES NEVER DIE... for a price 000000038094 Dropping the flag
00000001FF5E And neither have you, Mei 000000038095 Relinquishing the flag
00000001FF5F I'm not use to state of the art facilities these days 000000038096 I'm only doing my part
00000001FF60 I'm still here 000000038097 We need still need you
00000001FF61 Get out of there 000000038098 Lets get you back into the fight
00000001FF62 I'm with you 000000038099 Slicers coming in
00000001FF63 Support has arrived 00000003809A Capture the flag
00000001FF64 Start a fight and this is what happens 00000003809B Attack the enemy flag
00000001FF65 Regrettable... but necessary 00000003809C Defend the flag
00000001FF66 The enemy team is down 00000003809D Protect the flag
00000001FF67 Our enemies our down, we have a distinct tactical advantage 00000003809E I'm right here
00000001FF68 This does not look good for you 00000003809F I'm over here
00000001FF69 Turn the other cheek 000000038160 Defend the objective
00000001FF6A I choose not to seek revenge 000000038161 Protect the objective
00000001FF6C How barbaric 000000038162 Eliminate the target
00000001FF70 Combat procedures optimized 000000038163 Pull together, we can do this
00000001FF71 I have my eye on you 000000038164 Don't let up, it's almost over
00000001FF72 New advancements discovered 000000038165 We're out of time, attack
00000001FF74 Reinhardt, don't you think it's time you hung it up? You're not getting any younger 000000038166 Attack the objective
00000001FF75 Winston, are you experiencing any issues with your genetic therapy? 000000038167 Pick up the pace, we can do this