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Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000ACE4 Let's drop the beat! (Ultimate) 00000000B4BB TBD
00000000B4BD TBD 00000000B4BE TBD
00000000B4BF TBD 00000000B4C0 TBD
00000000B4C1 TBD 00000000B4C3 Oh, let's break it down! (Ultimate)
00000000B4C4 You gotta believe! 00000000B4C7 TBD
00000000B4C8 TBD 00000000B4C9 TBD
00000000B4CA TBD 00000000B4CB TBD
00000000B4CC TBD 00000000B4CD TBD
00000000B4CE Mmm, mmm, I'm feeling some good vibrations! 00000000B4CF TBD
00000000B4D0 TBD 00000000B4D1 Why are you so angry?
00000000B4D2 TBD 00000000B4D3 TBD
00000000B4D4 TBD 00000000B4D5 TBD
00000000B4D6 TBD 00000000B4D7 TBD
00000000B4D9 You got the beat... down! 00000000B4DB TBD
00000000B4DC TBD 00000000B4DE TBD
00000000B4DF TBD 00000000B4E0 TBD
00000000B4E1 TBD 00000000B4E2 Nothing's gonna stop me!
00000000B4E4 TBD 00000000B4E5 TBD
00000000B4E6 TBD 00000000B4E7 TBD
00000000B4E8 TBD 00000000B4E9 TBD
00000000B4EA TBD 00000000B4EB Found 'em!
00000000B4EC TBD 00000000B4ED TBD
00000000B4EE Sniper! Check your head! 00000000B4EF TBD
00000000B4F0 TBD 00000000B4F1 TBD
00000000B4F2 TBD 00000000B4F4 TBD
00000000B4F5 Give yourself to the rhythm! 00000000B4F6 TBD
00000000B4F7 TBD 00000000B4F8 TBD
00000000B4F9 Healing boost! 00000000B4FA TBD
00000000B4FB TBD 00000000B4FC Audio medic!
00000000B4FD TBD 00000000B4FE TBD
00000000B4FF TBD 00000000B500 Good as new!
00000000B501 TBD 00000000B502 TBD
00000000B503 TBD 00000000B506 C'mon, let's bring it together!
00000000B507 TBD 00000000B50A TBD
00000000B50B TBD 00000000B50C TBD
00000000B50E TBD 00000000B50F TBD
00000000B510 Reinhardt, we need to find you some new tunes 00000000B511 TBD
00000000B512 TBD 00000000B514 I can't even take you seriously right now
00000000B515 TBD 00000000B516 TBD
00000000B517 TBD 00000000B518 Look at this team, we're gonna do great.
00000000B519 TBD 00000000B51A TBD
00000000B51B TBD 00000000B51C TBD
00000000B51D I hope nobody saw that... 00000000B51F TBD
00000000B520 TBD 00000000B521 TBD
00000000B522 I'm too young to die! 00000000B523 TBD
00000000B524 TBD 00000000B525 TBD
00000000B526 Double time! 00000000B527 TBD
00000000B528 TBD 00000000B529 TBD
00000000B52A TBD 00000000B52B TBD
00000000B52C TBD 00000000B52D TBD
00000000B52E Haha, amp it up! 00000000B52F TBD
00000000B530 TBD 00000000B531 TBD
00000000B532 TBD 00000000B533 TBD
00000000B534 TBD 00000000B535 TBD
00000000B536 Nothing's gonna stop me! 00000000B537 TBD
00000000B538 TBD 00000000B53F TBD
00000000B540 TBD 00000000B542 TBD
00000000B543 TBD 00000000B544 TBD
00000000B545 TBD 00000000B546 TBD
00000000B547 TBD 00000000B548 TBD
00000000B549 TBD 00000000B54A TBD
00000000B54B TBD 00000000B54C TBD
00000000B54D TBD 00000000B54E TBD
00000000B54F TBD 00000000B550 TBD
00000000B551 TBD 00000000B552 That was awesome!
00000000B553 TBD 00000000B554 TBD
00000000B555 TBD 00000000B556 (Shivering)
00000000B557 TBD 00000000B558 TBD
00000000B559 TBD 00000000B55A TBD
00000000B55B TBD 00000000B55C TBD
00000000B55D (Electric shock noises) 00000000B55E TBD
00000000B55F TBD 00000000B560 TBD
00000000B561 TBD 00000000B562 TBD
00000000B563 TBD 00000000B564 TBD
00000000B565 (Gasp) 00000000B566 TBD
00000000B568 TBD 00000000B569 TBD
00000000B56A TBD 00000000B56B (Beatboxing) Chillin', chillin', so much chillin'
00000000B56C TBD 00000000B56D TBD
00000000B56E TBD 00000000B56F TBD
00000000B571 TBD 00000000B572 TBD
00000000B573 TBD 00000000B574 It goes to 11
00000000B575 TBD 00000000B576 TBD
00000000B577 TBD 00000000B578 TBD
00000000B579 TBD 00000000B57A Movin' with the payload
00000000B57C TBD 00000000B57D TBD
00000000B57E TBD 00000000B57F TBD
00000000B580 TBD 00000000B581 TBD
00000000B582 TBD 00000000B583 TBD
00000000B584 TBD 00000000B585 TBD
00000000B586 Fall back! 00000000B587 TBD
00000000B589 You remember that turret? Me neither. 00000000B58A TBD
00000000B58B TBD 00000000B58C TBD
00000000B58D TBD 00000000B58E TBD
00000000B58F TBD 00000000B590 TBD
00000000B591 TBD 00000000B592 TBD
00000000B593 Everything's moving so fast I feel like I'm standing still. Oh wait. 00000000B594 TBD
00000000B595 TBD 00000000B596 TBD
00000000B597 TBD 00000000B599 TBD
00000000B59A TBD 00000000B59B TBD
00000000B59C TBD 00000000B59E TBD
00000000B59F TBD 00000000B5A0 TBD
00000000B5A1 TBD 00000000B5A2 TBD
00000000B5A3 TBD 00000000B5A4 TBD
00000000B5A5 TBD 00000000B5A6 TBD
00000000B5A7 TBD 00000000B5A8 TBD
00000000B5A9 TBD 00000000B5AA TBD
00000000B5AB TBD 00000000B5AC TBD
00000000B5AD TBD 00000000B5AE TBD
00000000B5B0 TBD 00000000B5B1 TBD
00000000B5B2 TBD 00000000B5B3 (Laughing) Oh, man.
00000000B5B4 TBD 00000000B5B5 TBD
00000000B5B6 TBD 00000000B5B7 TBD
00000000B5B8 TBD 00000000B5B9 (Falling yell)
00000000B5BA TBD 00000000B5BB In 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!
00000000B5BC TBD 00000000B5BD TBD
00000000B5BE TBD 00000000B5BF TBD
00000000B5C1 TBD 00000000B5C2 TBD
00000000B5C3 TBD 00000000B5C5 TBD
00000000B5C6 TBD 00000000B5C7 TBD
00000000B5C8 TBD 00000000B5C9 TBD
00000000B5CB TBD 00000000B5CC TBD
00000000B5CD TBD 00000000B5CE TBD
00000000B5CF TBD 00000000B5D0 TBD
00000000B5D1 TBD 00000000B5D2 TBD
00000000B5D3 TBD 00000000B5D4 TBD
00000000B5D5 TBD 00000000B5D6 TBD
00000000B5D7 TBD 00000000B5D8 TBD
00000000B5D9 TBD 00000000B5DA TBD
00000000B5DB TBD 00000000B5DD TBD
00000000B5DE (Shivering) 00000000B5DF TBD
00000000B5E0 TBD 00000000B5E1 TBD
00000000B5E2 TBD 00000000B5E3 TBD
00000000B5E4 TBD 00000000B5E5 TBD
00000000B5E6 (Falling yell) 00000000B5E7 TBD
00000000B5E8 TBD 00000000B5E9 TBD
00000000B5EA (Shivering) 00000000B5EB I'm just gonna take five then... or ten... or twenty
00000000B5EC TBD 00000000B5ED 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
00000000B5EE TBD 00000000B5EF TBD
00000000B5F0 TBD 00000000B5F1 (Electric shock)
00000000B5F2 TBD 00000000B5F3 TBD
00000000B5F4 TBD 00000000B5F5 TBD
00000000B5F6 TBD 00000000B5F7 TBD
00000000B5F8 TBD 00000000B5F9 TBD
00000000B5FA TBD 00000000B5FB (Electric shock)
00000000B5FC TBD 00000000B5FD TBD
00000000B5FE TBD 00000000B5FF TBD
00000000B600 TBD 00000000B601 TBD
00000000B602 (Shivering) 00000000B603 TBD
00000000B605 TBD 00000000B606 TBD
00000000B607 TBD 00000000B608 Takin' the objective! Come on over!
00000000B609 TBD 00000000B60A TBD
00000000B60B TBD 0000000216B4 TBD
0000000216B5 TBD 0000000216B6 TBD
0000000216B7 TBD 0000000216B9 Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
0000000216BA TBD 0000000216BB TBD
0000000216BC Stole? You need to go ask your bosses where it came from, then. 0000000216BD TBD
0000000216BE TBD 0000000216BF Hey Bastion, check this out! Boop boop boop!
0000000216C0 TBD 0000000216C1 TBD
0000000216C2 TBD 0000000216C3 TBD
0000000216C4 TBD 0000000216C5 TBD
0000000216C6 TBD 0000000216C7 Major buzzkill.
0000000216C8 TBD 0000000216C9 TBD
0000000216CA TBD 0000000216CB TBD
0000000216CC TBD 0000000216CD TBD
0000000216CE TBD 0000000216CF TBD
0000000216D0 TBD 0000000216D1 TBD
0000000216D2 TBD 0000000216D3 TBD
0000000216D4 TBD 0000000216D5 This is it everyone, final round.
0000000216D6 TBD 0000000216D7 TBD
0000000216D8 TBD 0000000216D9 TBD
0000000216DA TBD 0000000216DB TBD
0000000216DC TBD 0000000216DD TBD
0000000216E0 That's how you get tinnitus! 0000000216E4 TBD
0000000216E5 TBD 0000000216E6 TBD
0000000216E8 TBD 0000000216E9 TBD
0000000216EC TBD 0000000216ED TBD
0000000216EE I make this look easy! 0000000216EF TBD
0000000216F0 TBD 0000000216F1 TBD
0000000216F3 Wish I practiced my Japanese more... Konnichiwa! 0000000216F4 TBD
0000000216F5 TBD 0000000216F6 TBD
0000000216F7 TBD 0000000216F8 TBD
0000000216FB Mop... mop... mop... 0000000216FC TBD
000000021DE5 TBD 0000000294A8 (Falling yell)
0000000294A9 (Falling yell) 0000000294AA (Falling yell)
00000002B789 TBD 00000002B78B TBD
00000002B78D TBD 00000002B78F TBD
00000002B791 TBD 00000002B792 TBD
00000002B793 TBD 00000002B794 I've been thinking about my football name. Ready? How about... Winston? What do you think?
00000002B795 TBD 00000002B796 TBD
00000002B797 TBD 00000002B799 TBD
00000002B79A TBD 00000002B79C I am unstoppable!
00000002B79D There's no stopping me now! 00000002B7A1 TBD
00000002B7A2 My new year's resolution? New skates for all the kids in the neighborhood 00000002B7A7 TBD
00000002B7A8 TBD 00000002B7AB TBD
00000002B7AC TBD 00000002B7AD TBD
00000002B7AF TBD 00000002B7B0 TBD
00000002B7B1 Gooooooooooooooooool! 00000002B7B2 TBD
00000002B7B3 TBD 00000002B7B4 TBD
00000002B7B5 That's the hand of god! 00000002B7B6 TBD
00000002B7B7 TBD 00000002B7B8 TBD
00000002B7B9 TBD 00000002B7BA TBD
00000002B7BC TBD 00000002B7BF I can't believe I just did that
00000002B7C3 TBD 00000002B7C5 TBD
00000002B7C6 Oh, what a strike! 00000002B7C7 Now that's playing the beautiful game!
00000002B7C8 Own goal? I'll take it. 00000002B7C9 Game's almost over, let's play some defense!
00000002B7CB He shoots, he scores! 00000002B7CC TBD
00000002B7CD TBD 00000002EB96 (Laughing)
000000036C83 TBD 000000036C84 TBD
000000036C85 TBD 000000036C86 Everyone, focus on the target!
000000036C87 TBD 000000036C88 TBD
000000036C89 TBD 000000036C8A TBD
000000036C8B TBD 000000036C8C Looks like it's up to me!
000000036C8D TBD 000000036C8E TBD
000000036C8F TBD 000000036C90 Objective's hanging on a thread!
000000036C91 TBD 000000036C92 TBD
000000036C93 TBD 000000036C94 TBD
000000036C95 TBD 000000036C96 TBD
000000036C97 TBD 000000036C98 TBD
000000036C99 TBD 000000036C9A TBD
000000036C9E Have some Lucio-Ohs! 000000036CA1 Enemy Bastion, watch out!
000000036CA4 TBD 000000036CA5 TBD
000000036CA8 TBD 000000036CA9 TBD
000000036CAA TBD 000000036CAB TBD
000000036CAC We're running out of time! Come on, we can do this! 000000036CAD TBD
000000036CAE TBD 000000036CAF TBD
000000036CB0 TBD 000000036CB1 TBD
000000036CB2 TBD 000000036CB3 TBD
000000036CB4 TBD 000000036CB5 TBD
000000036CB6 TBD 000000036CB7 TBD
000000036CB8 TBD 000000036CB9 TBD
000000036CBA TBD 000000036CBB TBD
000000036CBC TBD 000000036CBD TBD
000000036CBE TBD 000000036CBF TBD
000000036CC0 TBD 000000036CC1 TBD
000000036CC2 Lucio Scores! 000000036CC3 TBD
000000036CC6 TBD 000000036CC7 TBD
000000036CC8 TBD 000000036CC9 TBD
000000036CCA TBD 000000036CCB I never thought I'd see the world like this!
000000036CCD TBD 000000036CCE TBD
000000036CCF TBD 000000036CD0 TBD
000000036CD1 TBD 000000036CD2 TBD
000000036CD3 TBD 000000036CD4 TBD
000000036CD5 TBD 000000036CD6 TBD
000000036CD7 BOOSTIOOOOOOOO! 000000036CD8 TBD
000000036CDE TBD 000000036CDF Orisa, you are amazing! Could you ask Efi if she could help me out with my helmet sometime?
000000036CE3 TBD 00000003CB66 TBD
00000003CB67 TBD 00000003CB68 TBD
00000003CB69 TBD 00000003CB6A TBD
00000003D172 TBD 00000003D173 TBD
00000003D174 Get our flag back! 00000003D175 Everyone, back on defense



Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
0000000216EB Just call me the new Great One! 0000000216F9 You're getting 5 for fighting.
0000000216FA C'mon! Drop the gloves! 000000036C81 Grab my gear, time to find a game.


Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
000000036C77 Oh this payload's jumpin'! 000000036C78 Turn it up in my cans!
000000036C79 You got chops! 000000036C7A Let's kick the beat.
000000036C7B Everybody get yourself together and let's jam! 000000036C7D Hangin' out over here!
000000036C7E I'm over here!


Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000002B788 Practice? I mean, what are we talking about, practice? We're talking about practice. 00000002B798 Lúcio, checking in the game!
00000002B7AE C'mon, Ref, show 'em a card! 00000002B7BB Nothing like playing in front of the home fans!
00000002B7BD That was a dive! 00000002B7BE C'mon, Ref!
00000002B7C0 TBA 00000002B7C1 TBA
00000002B7C2 TBA 00000002B7C4 TBA
00000002B7CA TBA 00000002B7CF TBA