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Junkenstein's Revenge

List of all the sounds from the commentator of Junkenstein's Revenge from the Halloween Terror 2016 event

Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000002EC41 Our tale begins in Adlersbrunn, where the lord of the castle has called for heroes to come his aid and defend him from the mad Dr. Junkenstein 00000002F0C5 The Archer could feel the dragon raging within him, howling to be unleashed
00000002EC86 Dr. Junkenstein had been slighted by the lord of Adlersbrunn, humiliated, he vowed to destroy the castle and kill all who had mocked him 00000002F0C6 A looming shadow appeared, Junkenstein's Monster had come
00000002EC87 Only 4 they were to defend the castle against Dr. Junkenstein and his minions 00000002F0C7 Their enemies swarmed the castle walls and the 4 heroes seemed powerless to stop them
00000002EC88 A reclusive Alchemist skilled in the healing arts 00000002F0C8 The battle raged out of control and the defenders were overrun
00000002EC89 An Archer from the east trying to escape his past 00000002F0C9 The heroes were in disarray as the Doctors creations swarm the castle and pounded at the doors
00000002EC8A A wandering Gunslinger seeking adventure 00000002F0CA The Gunslinger extended his and in a flash, his foe was stunned
00000002EC8B A nameless Soldier, veteran of countless battles 00000002F0CB Once again, the Alchemist proved decisive
00000002EC99 The doors shuddered under the relentless assault 00000002F0CC But her ally quickly woke it
00000002EC9A The battle turned against the castle defenders as one of the heroes fell 00000002F0CD The heroes fought valiantly, but they could not stop Dr. Junkenstein and his creations. The castle fell, the defenders were slain and Junkenstein had his revenge
00000002EC9C The ground shook as Dr. Junkenstein's creation was revealed 00000002F0CE The Zomnics crashed against the doors but for now, they still stood
00000002F080 Our tale is about to begin 00000002F0CF Boom boom, the Zomnics crashed against the door, their bodies exploding as the old wood splintered and shuddered
00000002F081 The Archer slew the Reaper, the arrow piercing his dead heart 00000002F0D0 The Archer saw through the eyes of the wolf, sensing the presence of unseen enemies
00000002F082 One of the defenders fell to the Reaper's guns as he turned to search for his next target 00000002F0D1 Soon the Doctors minions would flood into the castle with the defenders helpless to stop them
00000002F083 The Reaper slew the Alchemist with laugh 00000002F0D2 For all the heroes efforts, the doors seemed soon to be destroyed
00000002F084 With a triumphant cry, the Reaper struck down the Soldier 00000002F0D3 With that blow, the defenders moved closer to victory
00000002F085 The Reaper slew the Archer without a second thought 00000002F0D4 The Doctors creations swarmed over the fallen hero having claimed their first kill
00000002F086 The Gunslinger was no match for the Reaper, his body fell to the ground 00000002F0D5 The Alchemist struck first, employing a potion that burned the Doctor's creation from within
00000002F087 The Gunslingers shot found its mark and the Reaper was destroy 00000002F0D6 The Gunslinger struck the first blow, and soon the air was filled with the acrid smell of gunpowder
00000002F088 The Reaper was cursed, bound as a servant to the Witch of the wilds 00000002F0D7 Without hesitation, the Soldier waded into the fray
00000002F089 To the heroes dismay, the Reaper was no so easily defeated 00000002F0D8 The defenders fought desperately for the doors would not hold much longer
00000002F08A Out of the night... the Reaper returned 00000002F0D9 The Archer saw through the eyes of the dragon sensing the presence of unseen enemies
00000002F08B The shadows took shape and coalesced into the form of the Reaper 00000002F0DA Despite his age, the Soldier moved with a speed unmatched by the Archer or the Gunslinger, both 2 decades his junior
00000002F08C The Soldier recovered from his wounds quickly 00000002F0DB Amongst her many weapons, the Alchemist possessed a sleeping powder
00000002F08D The Gunslinger returned to the fight, stoically ignoring the pain of his injuries 00000002F0DC The lord of the castle has summoned heroes to help defend him against a mad Dr. Junkenstein
00000002F08E The Archer hauled himself up through sheer force of will, refusing to succumb to his wounds 00000002F0DD The end
00000002F08F Once a man, the Reaper portrayed no trace of his former self 00000002F0DE Dr. Junkenstein vowed to destroy the castle and kill all those who had mocked him and his creations
00000002F090 The Alchemist hastily swallowed one of her potions and hurried to rejoin the battle 00000002F0DF Listen to my tale, I swear that it's true, of a mad Doctor, his Monster and his thirst for revenge
00000002F091 The Soldier struck down the Reaper and hoped that it would be for the last time 00000002F0E0 Dr. Junkenstein laughed as his minions rose for tonight was the night he would have his revenge
00000002F092 The Reaper was destroyed 00000002F0E1 Dr. Junkenstein squealed with delight as his minions rose... for tonight was the night of
00000002F093 With a shot from his revolver, the Gunslinger dropped the Monster who fell to the ground with an earth shaking thud 00000002F0E2 Dr. Junkenstein squealed with delight as his minions arose... for tonight was the night of Junkenstein's Revenge
00000002F094 The Soldier repeatedly struck the Monster until, finally, it toppled to the ground, lifeless 00000002F0E3 Though they may have been suspicious of the Alchemist's techniques, the other heroes were grateful for her healing potions
00000002F095 The Alchemist's concoctions coursed through the Monster and its body was destroyed from within 00000002F0E4 The Alchemist's timely intervention saved her allies life
00000002F096 Arrows sprouted from the Monster's body as the Archer finally brought the creature to its knees 00000002F0E5 The Alchemist's healing brought her ally back from the brink of death
00000002F097 And the Monster fell with a ground shaking impact, its brief but bloody existence at an end 00000002F0E6 The defender would have fallen if not for the Alchemist's healing
00000002F098 The Monster was slain 00000002F0E7 The Alchemist threw the sleeping powder and miraculously the Reaper fell
00000002F099 The Alchemist slew the Reaper, feeling a moment of sadness for the man she had once known 00000002F0E8 The Alchemist unleashed her sleeping powder and with a crash, the Monster fell
00000002F09A Unknown to all, Dr. Junkenstein had succeeded in creating life, a twisted abomination of inhuman strength and wickedness 00000002F0E9 The Alchemist's sleeping powder put the Witch in a stupor
00000002F09B The Alchemist's body went limp as the Monster struck her 00000002F0EA The Alchemist's struck Dr. Junkenstein with a sleeping powder and, for the moment, he fell silent
00000002F09C The Soldier crumpled to the ground as the Monster easily overpowered him 00000002F0EB Without a word, the Archer loosed an arrow and claimed the first kill of the night
00000002F09D The Gunslinger fell, the Monsters strength was too great 00000002F0EC Mighty blows were struck and the Doctors creations fell like leaves in the forest
00000002F09E The Archer could not withstand the monsters attack and he was struck down 00000002F0ED The Alchemist was the first to strike as the battle began
00000002F09F The Monster bellowed into in delight at the lifeless body before it 00000002F0EE The Archer was the first to strike, the first of many
00000002F0A0 A dark presence coalesced in their midst 00000002F0EF Dr. Junkenstein blanketed the area with his bombs and the Archer was caught in the conflagration
00000002F0A1 The Doctors creation had been twisted into a Monster bent on destroying everything in its path 00000002F0F0 By then, the Doctor had gone mad. Driving his creations forward, consumed with his need for revenge
00000002F0A2 For the moment, the night was still but it would not last 00000002F0F1 Dr. Junkenstein lobbed his bombs at the castle, the explosions a percussive accompaniment to the sound of his laughter
00000002F0A3 The 4 heroes gathered themselves, knowing that the battle was far from over 00000002F0F2 Junkenstein howled with laughter as his bombs found their marks
00000002F0A4 The defenders had held the Doctors creations back, but they knew with a certainty... it was not the last 00000002F0F3 It pained the Soldier and the Alchemist to see the Reaper. Once their ally, he had been cursed, turned into a creature of remorseless hate
00000002F0A5 And the Monster fell, just as his creator. Exhausted, battered, bruised, the 4 heroes entered the castle to receive their rewards 00000002F0F4 For a fleeting moment, the Soldier felt a pang of sympathy for the Monster
00000002F0A6 The Reaper fell, the enchanted pumpkin where his head ought to have been smashed against the flagstones. The night was quiet and the castle was safe 00000002F0F5 Owing more to luck than skill, Dr. Junkenstein overwhelmed the Gunslinger
00000002F0A7 With one last laugh, Dr. Junkenstein fell from the balcony to the flagstones below and as the last of his laughter echoed from the walls of the castle, the battle was over and the castle had been saved 00000002F0F6 The Gunslinger smiled, a worthy opponent had shown itself at last
00000002F0A8 The defenders were victorious and Dr. Junkenstein's reign of terror was at an end 00000002F0F7 Before the exhausted and wounded heroes, the battle was not yet over
00000002F0A9 Another of the Doctors failures, the Zombardier's were mindless slaves that attacked anything in their way 00000002F0F8 In the midst of the battle Junkenstein's most powerful ally appeared
00000002F0AA Dr. Junkenstein's Zomnics hurled themselves against the doors of the castle 00000002F0F9 Dr. Junkenstein had made a bargain with the witch, and she was not ready to release him
00000002F0AB And as the Witch fell, her magic had no more power, Dr. Junkenstein's creations fell lifeless to the earth... and as morning dawned, the castle was safe 00000002F0FA With 1 magic incantation, the Witch brought Junkenstein and his creation back to life
00000002F0AC The castles doors still held, but they had been weakened 00000002F0FB The Witch's magic made Junkenstein's creation more powerful than ever, the creatures body crackled with unholy might
00000002F0AD The door held for now, but the attacks continued 00000002F0FC The Witch had returned the fallen from beyond the grave
00000002F0AE The constant attack had taken its toll upon the doors 00000002F0FD Unknown to the heroes, Dr. Junkenstein had other allies
00000002F0AF The objective is being destroyed 00000002F0FE The Alchemist fell as one the Doctors bombs exploded at her feet
00000002F0B0 The Archers aim was peerless, his hand, a blur as his arrows flew, filling the night sky with their whispered song 00000002F0FF Dr. Junkenstein roared with laughter as he watched the Soldier succumb to one of his bombs
00000002F0B1 The Soldier was unrelenting and his enemies fell before him 00000002F100 With a well aimed shot, the Gunslinger felled Dr. Junkenstein but the battle still raged
00000002F0B2 The Alchemist was aim was unerring, her attacks exacting a heavy toll on the Doctor's creations 00000002F101 The first attack had been repelled but the battle had only just begun
00000002F0B3 The enemies swarmed towards the castle 00000002F102 The Alchemist let out a scream as she fell
00000002F0B4 The Soldier waited for a moment of tactical advantage to unleash his attack 00000002F103 The Archer was slain, crumpling to the earth
00000002F0B5 The Gunslinger knew that the time was coming 00000002F104 The Soldier succumb to the Monsters assault. Falling, defeated
00000002F0B6 The Archer could feel the wolf raging within him, howling to be unleashed (howling) 00000002F105 The Gunslinger's luck had run out
00000002F0B7 The Doctor had created an electric tire that bore down on the castles doors 00000002F106 The tide of the battle turned as one of the defenders fell
00000002F0B8 The Doctors Shock-Tire rode toward the door 00000002F107 The heroes defense was not enough, as one of their numbers fell. If only they had a shield to stand behind... hm
00000002F0B9 But the defenders made quick work of it 00000002F108 As a full moon rose above the town, the 4 defenders gathered
00000002F0BA The Gunslinger moved his finger over the trigger of his revolver 00000002F109 They waited... until they heard the sound of the Doctor's creations lurching toward them
00000002F0BB With a blur of his hand, shots rang out each finding their mark 00000002F10A Or so it had seemed
00000002F0BC But the Gunslinger sensed it was not yet time and eased back 00000002F10B As the battle raged, Dr. Junkenstein himself made a grand appearance
00000002F0BD The Archer unleashed a mighty battle cry and summoned a massive 2 headed dragon that devoured all before it 00000002F10C Dr. Junkenstein was slain but his creations continued to fight
00000002F0BE The Archer unleashed a mighty battle cry and summoned 2 massive wolves that devoured all before them 00000002F10D The Archer drew his arrow and watched it soar through the night sky until it struck Junkenstein
00000002F0BF The Alchemists potions struck her ally. As it broke against him, his skin turned to iron and strength flowed through him 00000002F10E The Soldier's strikes found their marks and Dr. Junkenstein was slain
00000002F0C0 The Alchemist empowered her ally, Ah if only she had a gallant powerful knight fighting at her side, a waste of her alchemy, she thought, privately 00000002F10F The Alchemist killed Dr. Junkenstein, breathing a sigh of relief
00000002F0C1 The Gunslinger trained his sights upon his foes 00000002F110 The Gunslinger's revolver claimed the nights first kill
00000002F0C2 The Soldier squinted and took aim, each of his blows falling with impossible precision 00000002F111 The Gunslinger was unstoppable, with each pull of the trigger, another enemy fell. One after another
00000002F0C3 The Alchemist's potion empowered her ally 00000002F112 Dr. Junkenstein laughed as his minions rose, for tonight was the night of Junkenstein's Revenge
00000002F0C4 The Alchemist had readied her ultimate potion, waiting for the moment to use it 00000002F555 The Doctor's Shock-Tire exploded against the door but for now the oak held strong