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HAL-Fred Glitchbot

aka guy in the limo on Hollywood

Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000BC4F Yeahhh, it's about time we get moving 00000000BCBF I could make you a star
00000000BC50 What are you idiots doing out there? We're going the wrong way 00000000BCC0 Genius, pure... genius
00000000BC51 Why are we stopped? 00000000BCC1 Ohh that's comin out of your paycheck
00000000BC9F My trailer is that way you imbeciles 00000000BCC2 Don't let this go to waste! Hurry, get the cameras rolling
00000000BCA0 Alright lets make this look good for the evening news 00000000BCC3 Took you long enough
00000000BCA1 Aww, someone forgot to refill my champagne bucket, hey would you get in there and see if any of those bottles have whiskey in em? 00000000BCC4 Smile for the camera
00000000BCA2 Nooo! Cut cut cut 00000000BCC5 What? Jesse McCree? That is a terrible name for a cowboy
00000000BCA3 Five thumbs up 00000000BCC6 What... what? I dunno! Tell my assistance
00000000BCA4 Fourth bank of the west, I swear that's where the financing for my next pictures coming from 00000000BCC7 Uhh, do you usually dress like that or did you just rob my wardrobe department
00000000BCA5 You're ruining my shot 00000000BCC8 I coulda walked faster than this
00000000BCA6 Could you at least stand in frame? Might as well try and get my money for it 00000000BCC9 Do you know who I am? I'm HAL-Fred Glitchbot
00000000BCA7 If you wanna build something get down to the props department 00000000BCCA Ugh, bodyguards. Dime a dozen
00000000BCA8 Get out of my way, big Hollywood director coming through 00000000BCCB Hello, 911... What do you mean this isn't an emergence, i'm a famous person in an emergency! It's like double jeopardy
00000000BCA9 Oh i've seen period dramas that moved faster than this 00000000BCCC Exterior, dawn. Two men stare at each other down the main thoroughfare. He squints, 6 guns at the ready. "Hell, it's high noon somewhere in the world". Not bad huh, wrote it myself
00000000BCAA Hey watch the cameras 00000000BCCD Ugh what am I paying you for anyways
00000000BCAB Can we hurry this up? I've only got a whole day of shooting ahead of me 00000000BCCE You freaks could be in this movie... what? No I won't pay you, what are you kidding me?
00000000BCAC And the award goes to 00000000BCCF Now that's what i'm talkin' about
00000000BCAD I swear if we don't make it... you're all fired 00000000BCD0 You ever think about acting? No? Eh, don't worry, none of my actors do
00000000BCAE I can see the headlines now, prominent Omnic film director found dead in own limo, cause of death... gross incompetence 00000000BCD1 How long is this gonna take? May as well have tires on this thing
00000000BCAF Would you look at this guy... know what? I'm seeing a title. World of the four eyed apes 00000000BCD2 Ah county jail, my hairdresser should be in there, you oughta be locked up for how much he charges
00000000BCB0 If you see that Kaplan kid tell him to stop joyriding in my golf cart cause I know it was him 00000000BCD3 Heyy, the ends in sight
00000000BCB1 What do you think you're doing? I just had this washed last week 00000000BCD4 And... scene
00000000BCB2 This is why I hate working with humans 00000000BCD5 Where is everyone? Bunch of lazy bums... this is why I hate mandatory human hiring quarters
00000000BCB3 Roll film 00000000BCD6 Interior, whiskey jack saloon. He taps the shoulder of the man at the bar, "I got a gun with your name on it... 6 of em"
00000000BCB4 Roll credits 00000000BCD7 Hellooo? Let's get a move on
00000000BCB5 Oh I can see the reviews, a visionary director the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Ed Wood 00000000BCD8 Where in central casting did they find you?
00000000BCB6 Common hurry up, I don't want to lose the light 00000000BCD9 You could be a star kid
00000000BCB7 Play of the game 00000000BCDA I've seen second act plot complications less bumpy than this ride
00000000BCB8 Aliens, rocket ships and a human with a gun? Ah audiences never change, god bless em 00000000BCDB Hello? Anyone out there?
00000000BCB9 Aaand that's a wrap 00000000BCDC Last time I checked, this was not my trailer
00000000BCBA Common i'm not paying you for your acting ability, lets get moving 00000000BCDD Hey watch the scenery, I have a lost invested in it. (laughs) no, not really
00000000BCBB Move, out of my way. Common I got a tea time to make 00000000BCDE You are all fired
00000000BCBC Hey! Watch the paint job 00000000BCDF I think i've seen you standing on Hollywood Boulevard taking pictures with tourists
00000000BCBD Thank you... about damn time 00000000BCE0 Ugh, unions not gonna be happy about this
00000000BCBE You have 30 seconds to get me to my trailer or you're all fired