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Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000B9A0 I'm just getting warmed up 00000000B9A1 GL;HF
00000000B9A2 No Hacks Required 00000000B9A3 We've got this, one more round and we win!
00000000B9A4 Multikill! 00000000B9A5 Enemy is taking the point, time to show my skills.
00000000B9A6 See ya 00000000B9A7 Score multiplier!
00000000B9A8 APM 좀 올려볼까? / APM jom ollyeo bolkka? 00000000B9A9 Defence Matrix activated!
00000000B9AA Payload moving, let's all work together! 00000000B9AB 어머... 안 미안!/Eomeo... anmian!
00000000B9AC Looks like another victory! Just a little longer. 00000000B9AD Native Language - Needs Transcript
00000000B9AE Enemy teleporter Located 00000000B9AF Defend the objective
00000000B9B0 Play of the game 00000000B9B1 Is this easy mode?
00000000B9B2 Nerf this! 00000000B9B3 Clear the area!
00000000B9B4 Fallback! 00000000B9B5 [giggle] Of course! Here you go, love D.Va.
00000000B9B6 NS 00000000B9B8 On my way!
00000000B9B9 Huuuuge rez! 00000000B9BA We've got this, don't let up now!
00000000B9BB This is it! Come on team! 00000000B9BC Nice shot
00000000B9BD Now's our chance, press the attack! 00000000B9BE Nalaganda!
00000000B9BF Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000B9C0 Fully operational
00000000B9C1 Revenge is sweet 00000000B9C2 [giggle] Thanks for the love!
00000000B9C3 I'm on defence 00000000B9C4 This objective has my name written all over it
00000000B9C5 I need armor 00000000B9C6 Aw, no fair!
00000000B9C7 Take Cover! 00000000B9C8 Ultimate ready
00000000B9C9 Killstreak! 00000000B9CA I'm too young to die!
00000000B9CB Enemy teleporter destroyed! 00000000B9CC Annyeong!
00000000B9CD I'm going in! 00000000B9CE Oh! Gamsa Gamsa!
00000000B9CF Haven't had enough? 00000000B9D0 I'm going to own all these noobs
00000000B9D1 No. 00000000B9D2 I'm number 1.
00000000B9D3 Get out of there 00000000B9D4 I need shields
00000000B9D5 Incoming! 00000000B9D6 Moving the payload, let's party up!
00000000B9D7 Stop the payload 00000000B9D8 Ouch
00000000B9D9 Goal/Go? 00000000B9DA asi wanbyeokhage jakdonghanda!
00000000B9DB New Game+ 00000000B9DC Combo
00000000B9DD I could use a hand 00000000B9DE Okay
00000000B9DF They're taking the point, time to get some kills. 00000000B60C I'm gonna have to shoot you down.
00000000B60E Boosters engaged 00000000B60F Taking off!
00000000B92A High score for sure 00000000B92B Showtime
00000000B92C Get ready! 00000000B92D Thanks
00000000B92E Geogi kkeojyeo! 00000000B92F Go forward!
00000000B93A Enemy turret is not going to bother us anymore 00000000B93B Set up here
00000000B93C Press start to continue 00000000B93D Yeah!
00000000B93E Last round, this is where it counts 00000000B93F Payload's moving, get on it.
00000000B94A Are you even trying? 00000000B94B Epic
00000000B94C I'm not a good loser 00000000B94D Healed up
00000000B94E Get owned 00000000B94F Move the payload
00000000B95A Oh, that'll be play of the game. Just wait and see. 00000000B95B Payload's moving, let's knock them back.
00000000B95C Stick with me, and i'll cover you 00000000B95D Pow.
00000000B95E Ah, there they are. 00000000B95F I'm on offence.
00000000B96A Power up 00000000B96B That one's for my fans
00000000B96C I'm back in the fight 00000000B96D Extra life!
00000000B96E Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000B96F Yeah! Pocket healer!
00000000B97A Game on! 00000000B97B New objective, get the payload moving
00000000B97C Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000B97D Boooo! They're moving the payload.
00000000B97E Don't mess with me. 00000000B97F Native Language - Needs Transcript
00000000B98A In 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. 00000000B98B Don't worry, I've got this.
00000000B98C No one is beating my high scores! 00000000B98D Game on.
00000000B98E Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000B98F Native Language - Needs Transcript
00000000B99A I need healing! 00000000B99B Dasi han pan haebojago!
00000000B99C Got it! 00000000B99D Suiting up!
00000000B99E Grrr... Enemies on the point, let's clear them out! 00000000B99F Enemy turret ahead!
00000000B610 D.Va online. 00000000B612 [giggle] GG
00000000B613 Time to raise my APM 00000000B924 Whoa... You got some leet skills
00000000B925 Yes 00000000B926 Winky face
00000000B927 [sigh] AFK 00000000B928 Time's running out! Everyone attack!
00000000B929 Nice shot 00000000B931 Hi
00000000B932 I thought you were going to be a challenge. 00000000B933 [giggle] Save that for the hall of fame
00000000B934 Enemy turret destroyed 00000000B935 Minor setback, but we can still win this
00000000B936 Bye! 00000000B937 I'm ready to initiate self destruct sequence!
00000000B938 Ready! 00000000B939 Power up!
00000000B940 Now that's teamwork. 00000000B941 Get through this!
00000000B942 Think you can keep up with me? 00000000B943 Find the teleporter!
00000000B944 Jal ga! 00000000B945 Oh, after this match is over. Right now, it's time to get serious.
00000000B946 I'm on a roll! 00000000B947 Great team play!
00000000B948 Bailing out! 00000000B949 I'll show them!
00000000B950 One for my highlight reel 00000000B951 That's a star performance
00000000B952 [scoff] Check me out, securing the point. 00000000B953 I've got your back
00000000B954 Group up with me 00000000B955 Attack the objective
00000000B956 I'm back in the game. 00000000B957 Looks like I'm gonna have to carry.
00000000B958 Let's finish this right now. 00000000B959 Sniper! Don't get caught!
00000000B960 Bunny hop! 00000000B961 Take out the target
00000000B962 Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000B963 I play to win!
00000000B964 I still love you. 00000000B965 Damage buff!
00000000B966 Thanks! 00000000B967 Enemy spotted!
00000000B968 Ha! Igeon sagiya! 00000000B969 L O L [giggle]
00000000B970 Top of the scoreboard 00000000B971 There's no way i'm losing, attack!
00000000B972 One up! 00000000B973 HP Max!
00000000B974 [giggle] I'll take more of that! 00000000B976 Dammit.
00000000B977 Alright, game face on. 00000000B978 Get owned.
00000000B979 Why is the payload stopped? Everyone get on it. 00000000B980 Behind you!
00000000B981 Taking the point, don't worry. I got this. 00000000B982 Fight is not over yet, all we have to do is win this round.
00000000B983 Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000B984 I can't wait to get into the fight.
00000000B985 BRB 00000000B986 MVP, D.Va.
00000000B987 Thanks for your support! 00000000B988 Payload stopped
00000000B989 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. 00000000B990 Let's get this payload across the finish line.
00000000B991 Shut down. 00000000B992 Hey! They've got a teleporter.
00000000B993 Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000B994 Ol! Jom meotjinde!
00000000B995 I'm with you. 00000000B996 Booster on.
00000000B997 Aw, you must like me. 00000000B998 D.Va: 1, Bad Guy: 0
00000000B999 This is my kind of city, lights, camera, action! 00000000BB2A Yeah!
00000000BB2B Oh, for me? 00000000BB2C Up up down down left right left right b a start
00000000BB2D Lets shoot for a new high score 00000000BB2F Aw yeah!
00000000BB3B Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000BB3C Oh, what did I get?
00000000BB3D Come on 00000000BB4A Saengjon singoyo!
00000000BB4D Ajik son-i deol pullyeoseo geurae. 00000000BB4F Blizzard games? That's so old school.
00000000BB20 No 00000000BB25 No sweat
00000000BB26 Ding 00000000BB27 No way!
00000000BB28 Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000BB29 You could be a pro like me, someday [giggle]
00000000BB30 Hey, try and keep up okay? 00000000BB31 Okay
00000000BB32 Don't give up 00000000BB36 Native Language - Needs Transcript
00000000BB39 Level up! 00000000BB40 Come on, you can do it!
00000000BB43 Native Language - Needs Transcript 00000000BB45 [laughing] You can't be serious.
00000000BB50 I've got everything under control 00000000BB53 Ha, lookin' good.
00000000BB55 Ready, player one. 00000000BB56 Native Language - Needs Transcript
00000000BB58 Ugh, hacks! 00000000BB59 Aw yeah!
0000000200A0 Hey! Hands off! 0000000200A1 Who are you calling a child?
0000000200A2 All systems operational, D.Va ready for combat! 0000000200A3 Yeah!
0000000200A4 MEKA activated 0000000200A5 All systems checked out
0000000200A6 Weapon systems overloaded! 0000000200A7 Weapons optimised!
0000000200A8 Ejecting! 0000000200A9 I am good
0000000200AA How do you like that? 0000000200AB No problem!
0000000200AC Nice try 0000000200AD Love, D.Va.
0000000200AE [giggle] Aw, you're trying so hard. 0000000200AF L2P
0000000200B0 Target eliminated 0000000200B1 Enemy down
0000000200B2 Enemy team kill 0000000200B3 The enemy team is down
0000000200B4 No fair, you cheater 0000000200B5 Oppa is not my style
0000000200B6 Nice mech, but sometimes bigger isn't better 0000000200B7 The best things in life come in small packages
00000002007C I'm the champion! 00000002007D Whoo! I hit the jackpot
00000002007E Now we're talking 00000002007F Rodger
00000002008A I could use some shields 00000002008B My ultimate is charging
00000002008C My ultimate is almost ready 00000002008D My ultimate is ready, let's do this
00000002008E My ultimate is charged, ready player two? 00000002008F GG GG baby baby
00000002009A I'm on fire! 00000002009B I will defend my country
00000002009C MEKA leads the way! 00000002009D A giant gorilla! Just like in those old video games!
00000002009E Mei, I love reading your journal. I'm so jealous you get to go to all those places. 00000002009F Only if I could get yours too, I love your new album.
000000020080 Understood 000000020081 Group up
000000020082 Join me 000000020083 Group up here
000000020084 Hiya 000000020085 I could use some armor
000000020086 I need help 000000020087 We need a healer
000000020088 Need healing 000000020089 D.Va reengaging
000000020090 Here comes a new challenger 000000020091 Activating self destruct sequence
000000020092 Bang 000000020093 [bang effect]
000000020094 Routing power to forward barrier 000000020095 Routing power to forward shields
000000020096 Ah, the classics. I love that movie. 000000020097 Thank you!
000000020098 Boom Shakalaka, she's on fire! 000000020099 I'm on fire!


Overwatch Uprising

Filename Description Filename Description
000000037700 There's an eradicator!



Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000B9B7 TBD 00000002EF5A TBD
00000002EF57 TBD 00000002EF5B TBD
00000002EF58 TBD 00000002EF5C TBD
00000002EF59 TBD


Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000002EF41 TBD 00000002EF4B TBD
00000002EF42 TBD 00000002EF4C TBD
00000002EF43 TBD 00000002EF4D TBD
00000002EF44 TBD 00000002EF4E TBD
00000002EF45 TBD 00000002EF4F TBD
00000002EF46 TBD 00000002EF50 TBD
00000002EF48 TBD 00000002EF51 TBD
00000002EF49 TBD 00000002EF52 TBD
00000002EF4A TBD 00000002EF53 TBD


Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000002EF55 TBD 00000002EF56 TBD


Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
000000037733 TBD 000000037734 TBD
000000037735 TBD 000000037736 TBD
000000037738 TBD