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Table of all of Athena's voicelines

Filename Line/Description Filename Line/Description
00000000A8B6 Thank you for playing Overwatch 00000002946F The objective is now active
00000000A8B8 Now entering King's Row 000000029471 Activate tactical visor then fire at the targets with your rifle
00000000A8B9 Traveling to Hanamura 000000029472 Now arriving at Illios
00000000A8BA Now entering the Temple of Anubis 000000029477 Please go to the highlighted area in center of the room
00000000A8BC Select your hero 00000002A33C Welcome to China agents
00000000A8BD Welcome to Overwatch 00000002A33E As a reminder, it is against Overwatch safety protocols to discharge weapons within the dropship
00000000A8BE Multiple Personal Bests 00000002A340 Welcome to Nepal agents, make sure you watch your step, it's a long way down
00000000A8BF New Personal Best 00000002A341 Welcome to Greece agents, but i'm afraid this isn't a holiday
00000000A8C0 Killstreak 00000002A342 Over the past week Talon activity has been detected in the area. It is my belief that they are attempting to steal the newly unearthed artifacts from the temple ruins atop Illios
00000000A8C1 Team Kill 00000002A343 The ancient ruins in Illios are an internationally protected heritage site, please try to avoid unnecessary damage
00000000A8C2 Multikill 00000002A497 Destroy all the training bots to continue
00000000A8C3 Next round beginning soon 00000002A498 Charge your tactical visor by damaging the training bots
00000000A8C4 Play of the Game 00000002A5A7 Round 4 begins in 10 seconds
00000000A8C6 Draw 00000002A5A8 Round 5
00000000A8C7 Defeat 00000002A5A9 Round 4
00000000A8C8 Victory 00000002A5AA Round 3
00000000A8C9 Sudden Death 00000002A5AB Round 2
00000000A8CA Overtime 00000002A5AC Round 1
00000000A8CB 10 seconds remaining 00000002A5AE The round is almost over
00000000A8CC 30 seconds remaining 00000002A5AF Now, where is she
00000000A8CD 60 seconds remaining 00000002A5B0 When you are ready please close this window to continue
00000000A8CE Additional time added 00000002A5B1 When you are finished you can leave the practice range at any time
00000000A8CF Stop the payload 00000002A5B2 Feel free to explore the practice range, I encourage you to come back here anytime you want to experiment with different heroes or try out your skills
00000000A8D0 The payload is stopped 00000002A5B3 Round 3, lost
00000000A8D2 The payload has reached the checkpoint 00000002A5B4 Keep all of this in mind if you ever want to change your hero during gameplay
00000000A8D3 The payload is approaching it's destination 00000002A5B7 Round 5, capture the objective
00000000A8D4 The payload is approaching the checkpoint 00000002A5B8 Round 4, capture the objective
00000000A8D5 The payload is moving 00000002A5B9 Round 4, won
00000000A8D6 Escort the payload 00000002A5BA Round 3, won
00000000A8D7 Objective lost 00000002A5BB Round 5 begins in 60 seconds
00000000A8D8 Objective E has been lost 00000002A5BC Round 4 begins in 60 seconds
00000000A8D9 Objective D has been lost 00000002A5BD Round 5 begins in 30 seconds
00000000A8DA Objective C has been lost 00000002A5BE Round 4 begins in 30 seconds
00000000A8DB Objective B has been lost 00000002A5BF Round 5 begins in 10 seconds
00000000A8DC Objective A has been lost 00000002A5C0 To learn more about other heroes, go to the practice range
00000000A8DD Objective captured 00000002A5C1 Round 4, lost
00000000A8DE Objective E captured 00000002A723 On other maps you can only change your hero in the room where you entered the match or rooms where you reappear after dying
00000000A8DF Objective D captured 00000002A94D Season ending
00000000A8E0 Objective C captured 00000002A94E to 7
00000000A8E1 Objective B captured 00000002A94F to 4
00000000A8E2 Objective A captured 00000002A950 to 6
00000000A8E3 The objective is under attack 00000002A951 0
00000000A8E4 Objective E is under attack 00000002A952 to 1
00000000A8E5 Objective D is under attack 00000002A953 30
00000000A8E6 Objective C is under attack 00000002A954 26
00000000A8E7 Objective B is under attack 00000002A955 27
00000000A8E8 Objective A is under attack 00000002A956 25
00000000A8E9 New defense point, objective d 00000002A957 28
00000000A8EA You are taking the objective 00000002A958 29
00000000A8EB You are taking objective E 00000002A959 16
00000000A8EC You are taking objective D 00000002A95A 17
00000000A8ED You are taking objective C 00000002A95B 18
00000000A8EE You are taking objective B 00000002A95C 14
00000000A8EF You are taking objective A 00000002A95D 19
00000000A8F0 New defense point, objective E 00000002A95E 12
00000000A8F1 Commence attack on objective E 00000002A95F 13
00000000A8F2 Commence attack on objective D 00000002A960 11
00000000A8F3 New defense point, objective C 00000002A961 10
00000000A8F4 New defense point, objective B 00000002A962 5
00000000A8F5 Defend objective A 00000002A963 3
00000000A8F6 Commence attack on objective C 00000002A964 1
00000000A8F7 Commence attack on objective B 00000002A965 to 0
00000000A8F8 Capture objective A 00000002A966 to 11
00000000A8F9 Defend the objective 00000002A967 to 14
00000000A8FA Capture the objective 00000002A968 to 13
00000000A8FB Attackers incoming 00000002A969 Attacking
00000000A8FC Attack commencing 00000002A96A Round 20
00000000A8FD 9 00000002A96B Round 19
00000000A8FE 8 00000002A96C Round 14
00000000A8FF 7 00000002A96D Round 15
00000000A900 6 00000002A96E Round 16
00000000A901 5 00000002A96F Round 17
00000000A902 4 00000002A970 Round 18
00000000A903 3 00000002A971 Welcome to season 2
00000000A904 2 00000002A972 Lifesaver
00000000A905 10 00000002A973 Sharpshooter
00000000A906 1 00000002A974 Final attempt
00000000A907 Attackers incoming in 10 seconds 00000002A975 Score
00000000A908 Attackers incoming in 20 seconds 00000002A976 to 30
00000000A909 Attack commences in 20 seconds 00000002A977 to 26
00000000A90A Attack commences in 10 seconds 00000002A978 to 27
00000000A90B Attackers incoming in 30 seconds 00000002A979 to 28
00000000A90C Attack commences in 30 seconds 00000002A97A to 29
00000000A90D Attackers in 60 seconds 00000002A97B to 23
00000000A90E Attack commences in 60 seconds 00000002A97C to 16
00000000A90F Prepare your defenses 00000002A97D to 17
00000000A910 Prepare to attack 00000002A97E to 18
00000000ACE3 Arriving at Watchpoint Gibraltar 00000002A97F to 19
00000000B08A Traveling to Numbani 00000002A980 to 12
00000000B08E Traveling to Dorado 00000002A981 Final score
00000000B093 Searching for heroes 00000002A982 Congratulations, top 500 ranking
00000000B094 Destination 00000002A983 Shrine
00000000B095 Welcome to Hollywood 00000002A984 Village
00000000B097 Hello Winston 00000002A985 23
00000000B098 Greetings agent 00000002A986 24
00000000B09B Team assembled 00000002A987 21
00000000B09C Balancing teams 00000002A988 20
00000000B09D Traveling to Volskaya Industries 00000002A989 15
00000000B09F Initiating match 00000002A98A 6
00000000B0A2 Next match beginning soon 00000002A98B 7
00000000B0A5 Travelling to Horizon Lunar Colony 00000002A98C 8
00000000B0A7 Alert, weapons discharge detected in ordnance bay 00000002A98D 4
00000000B0AC New heroes joining 00000002A98E 9
00000000B0B0 Initiate prelaunch procedures 00000002A98F 2
00000000B0B1 Ready for battle 00000002A990 22
00000000B0B5 Teams are ready 00000002A991 Ruins
00000000B0B6 Initiating training match 00000002A992 Command centre
00000000B0B7 Unauthorized person detected 00000002A993 Night market
00000000B0B9 Satellite drone on route to launch gantry 00000002A994 Garden
00000000B0BA Now entering the Black Forest 00000002A995 Control Centre
00000000B0BC Assemble your team 00000002A996 Next round
00000000B90E Capture the objective 00000002A997 Round 6
00000000B916 The round is almost won 00000002A998 Round 10
00000000B918 First round lost 00000002A999 Round 9
00000000B91A First round won 00000002A99A Round 8
00000000B921 Objective B has been lost 00000002A99B Round 7
00000000B922 Objective B captured 00000002A99C Welcome to season 1
00000000BC6E Hello Soldier 76, I am Athena 00000002A99D Lighthouse
00000000BC74 Give it a try 00000002A99E Defending
00000000BC75 Thank you 00000002A99F to 2
00000000BC76 Try moving around the hangar 00000002A9A0 to 3
00000000BC78 Let's begin, first look up at the dropship above you 00000002A9A1 Sanctum
00000000BC7A Please look up at the dropship 00000002A9A2 Well
00000000BC7B You can move forwards and backwards in the direction you're looking 00000002A9A3 Play of the match
00000000BC7C Enter the target range and move to the highlighted area 00000002A9A4 Seasonal rewards are locked
00000000BC7D Thank you 00000002A9A5 Round 12
00000000BC81 You can also move left and right 00000002A9A6 Round 13
00000000BC82 It appears that you are accustomed to moving your controls down to look up 00000002A9A7 Round 11
00000000BC84 Follow Tracer as she moves around the hangar 00000002A9A8 Welcome to the pre season
00000000BC86 Continue following Tracer 00000002A9A9 Welcome to season 4
00000000BC88 Please look over at Tracer 00000002A9AA Welcome to season 3
00000000BC89 Understood, now please look up at the dropship above you 00000002A9AB Checkpoint reached
00000000BC8A We'll need some assistance for the next part of the program 00000002A9AC to 5
00000000BCEB Round 1 begins in 10 seconds 00000002A9AD Switching sides
00000000BCEC Round 2 begins in 10 seconds 00000002A9AE Leaderboard now available
00000000BCED Round 3 begins in 10 seconds 00000002A9AF Shutdown
00000000BCEE Round 1 begins in 20 seconds 00000002A9B0 to 24
00000000BCEF Round 2 begins in 20 seconds 00000002A9B1 to 25
00000000BCF0 Round 3 begins in 20 seconds 00000002A9B2 to 21
00000000BCF1 Round 1 begins in 30 seconds 00000002A9B3 to 22
00000000BCF2 Round 2 begins in 30 seconds 00000002A9B4 to 20
00000000BCF3 Round 3 begins in 30 seconds 00000002A9B5 to 15
00000000BCF4 Round 1 begins in 60 seconds 00000002A9B6 to 8
00000000BCF6 Round 2 begins in 60 seconds 00000002A9B7 to 9
00000000BCF7 Round 3 begins in 60 seconds 00000002A9B8 to 10
00000000BCFB Round 1, capture the objective 00000002A9B9 Placement matches complete
00000000BCFC Round 2, capture the objective 00000002A9BA Determining skill rating
00000000BCFD Round 3, capture the objective 00000002A9BC Traveling to Eichenwalde
00000000BCFE Traveling to Route 66 00000002A9BE Welcome to Oasis
00000000BD03 Traveling to Nepal 00000002AC16 Complete
00000000BD04 Prepare for operations 00000002E62E Now traveling to Estadio das Ras
00000000BD05 Epic 00000002EE20 Match complete
00000000BD06 Legendary 000000032A9F 2 player advantage
00000000BD72 Go ahead, active the biotic field 000000032AA0 New challenger
00000000BD73 You can heal yourself with a biotic field 000000032AA1 Zarya
00000000BD75 Note that you will have to wait a short time before using that ability again 000000032AA2 Zenyatta
00000000BD76 This cooldown time is displayed over the ability icon 000000032AA3 Winston
00000000BD77 Completely heal yourself with biotic field, then we can continue 000000032AA4 Widowmaker
00000000BD78 You are still injured 000000032AA5 Tracer
00000000BD79 Please, heal your remaining damage with a biotic field 000000032AA6 Torbjorn
00000000BD7C When the rockets explode, they also damage nearby enemies 000000032AA7 Symmetra
00000000BD7D Even if you do not land a direct hit, the explosion will damage nearby enemies 000000032AA8 Sombra
00000000BD7E Try it out on the targets 000000032AA9 Soldier 76
00000000BD80 Let me prepare another set of targets 000000032AAA Reaper
00000000BD81 Damage the targets with helix rockets to continue 000000032AAC Reinhardt
00000000BD82 Aim at the targets then fire your helix rockets 000000032AAD Pharah
00000000BD83 Note how targets near the point of impact were damaged by the helix rockets 000000032AAF Orisa
00000000BD84 Next we'll go over your abilities 000000032AB2 Mercy
00000000BD87 You cannot fire your weapon while sprinting 000000032AB3 McCree
00000000BD88 Try sprinting, it could save your life 000000032AB4 Mei
00000000BD89 You can only sprint while moving forward 000000032AB5 Lucio
00000000BD8E You charge your ultimate ability over time or by dealing damage 000000032AB6 Junkrat
00000000BD90 Engage the training bots whenever you're ready 000000032AB7 Hanzo
00000000BD92 Once the meter reaches 100% you can activate your tactical visor 000000032AB8 Roadhog
00000000BD93 Dealing damage will charge your ultimate 000000032AB9 Genji
00000000BD94 Your ultimate is 50% charged 000000032ABC Winston
00000000BD95 Your ultimate is almost fully charged 000000032ABD Winner
00000000BD96 Your tactical visor is charged 000000032ABE Widowmaker
00000000BD98 Now activate your tactical visor and destroy the training bots 000000032ABF 3 on 3
00000000BD99 I'll refresh tactical visor so you can destroy the rest of the training bots 000000032AC0 3 on 2
00000000BD9B Your tactical visor is fully charged, please activate it now 000000032AC1 3 on 1
00000000BD9D All targets destroyed, nice work Soldier 76 000000032AC2 2 on 3
00000000BD9E This concludes the Overwatch training program, good luck out there, sir 000000032AC3 2 on 2
00000000BD9F You can now try a practice game versus ai, replay the tutorial or face off against other players 000000032AC4 2 on 1
00000000BDA2 Bring up the hero select screen to view all available characters 000000032AC5 1 on 3
00000000BDA3 Please activate the hero select screen 000000032AC6 1 on 2
00000000BDA4 Active the hero select screen to continue 000000032AC8 1 on 1
00000000BDA5 Lets try switching to a different hero 000000032AC9 Torbjorn
00000000BDA7 Select a different hero from the list below to continue 000000032ACA Symmetra
00000000BDA8 Please select a different hero 000000032ACB Sombra
00000000BDAB Please press the information button 000000032ACC Soldier 76
00000000BDAC Now confirm your selection to switch to the selected hero 000000032ACD Reaper
00000000BDBB Follow the marker to your objective 000000032ACE Reinhardt
00000000BDBC Please exit the target range and approach your objective 000000032ACF Roadhog
00000000BDBE To capture it, move inside the area 000000032AD0 Recover your flag
00000000BDBF Please move into the area marked by the bright outline 000000032AD1 Flawless
00000000BDC0 Move into the area to capture the objective 000000032AD2 Perfect
00000000BDC1 While you are within the area, you make progress towards capturing the objective 000000032AD3 Pharah
00000000BDC3 Capture progress pauses if you move outside of the area 000000032AD4 Tracer
00000000BDC4 If there are enemies in the area with you, capture progress is paused 000000032AD5 Zenyatta
00000000BDC5 You have successfully captured the objective 000000032AD6 D.Va
00000000BDC6 Round 2, lost 000000032AD7 Bastion
00000000BDC7 Round 2, won 000000032AD8 You have returned the flag
00000000BDC8 Your primary weapon is your heavy pulse rifle 000000032AD9 Enemy flag returned
00000000BDCB Lets try that again, place the crosshairs over your target then fire 000000032ADA Your team has dropped the flag
00000000BDCC Aim at the training bot then fire your rifle 000000032ADB Your flag has been dropped
00000000BDCD Shoot the training bot to continue 000000032ADC Your team has captured the flag
00000000BDD1 Sometimes its easy to hit an enemy with a melee attack 000000032ADD The enemy has captured your flag
00000000BDD2 Enemies in the field may be a little harder to hit than that one 000000032ADE Even strength
00000000BDD4 Let me get you something a little more challenging to shoot at 000000032AE3 Your flagged was returned
00000000BDD7 Most weapons fire a limited amount of ammo before they need to be reloaded 000000032AE5 Enemy has been revealed
00000000BDDA There are still targets remaining 000000032AE6 Enemy eliminated
00000000BDDC Destroy all the bots to continue 000000032AE7 Teammate eliminated
00000000BDDE Great work, that covers the basics of your weapon 000000032AE8 D.Va
00000000BDDF Nice shooting 000000032AE9 Doomfist
000000021F4A In addition to sprint you also have the ability to heal yourself with biotic field 000000032AEA Capture the enemy flag
000000021F4C Keep following Tracer 000000032AEB Bastion
000000021F4D Lets put those skills to use 000000032AEC Ana
000000021F4E Try moving sideways 000000032AED Enemy advantage
000000021F4F Try moving backwards, it's useful if you need to retreat 000000032AEE Advantage
000000021F51 Let's go over the basics of movement 000000032AEF 1 player advantage
000000021F52 Look over at Tracer 000000032AF0 Arriving at Ecopoint Antarctica
000000021F53 What Tracer one more time then we can continue 000000032AF1 Doomfist
000000021F54 Excellent, now watch Tracer run to the center of the room 000000032AF2 The enemy has taken your flag
000000021F56 Let's get started, please use your controls to look at Tracer as she moves around the room 000000032AF3 Your team has taken the flag
000000021F58 Use your controls to look up at the dropship 000000032AF4 Ana
000000021F59 Would you like me to set up your controls to work that way 000000032AF5 Battle
000000021F5A I will be guiding you through the Overwatch training program 000000032AF6 Battle
000000021F5B I would recommend avoiding that eventuality 000000032AF7 Eliminate the enemy
000000021F5C If it reaches 0, you die 000000032AF8 Eliminate the enemy team
000000021F5D Next to it is your current health 000000032AF9 Fight
000000021F5E Your portrait is displayed in the lower left corner of your screen, that's you Soldier 76 000000032AFA Match point
000000021F5F First let me begin to activate your heads up display 000000032AFB Mercy
000000021F60 Excellent 000000032AFC Now entering the arena
000000021F61 You can jump over small obstacles 000000032AFD Gladiator
000000021F62 Jump up onto the ledge and go through the blast door 000000032AFE Challenger
000000021F63 Welcome to the target range, please proceed to the highlighted area 000000032AFF Flag taken
000000021F64 If you run out of ammo you will automatically reload it or you can manually reload at any time 000000032B00 3 on 3 duel
000000021F65 Your current ammo is displayed here, in the bottom right of the screen 000000032B01 Duel
000000021F66 Damaging an enemy causes their current health to be displayed above their head 000000032B02 1 on 1 duel
000000021F67 Enemies likes these training bots are marked with a red outline 000000032B03 McCree
000000021F68 Move next to the training bot and strike it with a melee attack 000000032B04 Mei
000000021F69 Move next to the training bot, aim, then strike it with a melee attack 000000032B05 All teammates have been eliminated
000000021F6A Nicely done, you can also strike a target near you with a melee attack 000000032B07 1 enemy remaining
000000021F6C Aim through the crosshairs in the middle of your screen, move them over the training bot then fire 000000032B08 Lucio
000000021F6D I'll get you something to shoot at 000000032B09 Junkrat
000000021F6E Let me walk you through the basics of combat 000000032B0A Hanzo
000000021F70 Sextuple kill 000000032B0B Genji
000000021F71 Quintuple kill 000000032B0C 2 on 2 duel
000000021F72 Quadruple kill 000000032B0D Zarya
000000021F73 You're on fire 000000032B0E All teammates eliminated
000000021F74 Your current progress is displayed here on your screen 000000034606 Prepare for battle
000000021F75 The objective is marked with a bright outline on the ground 000000034607 Your team has returned the flag
000000021F76 Head through the open door and proceed to the objective 000000034608 The enemy has your flag
000000021F77 Your current objective is indicated with a directional marker Labeled A 000000034609 Flag taken
000000021F78 For the final phase of the training program, I will show you how to capture an objective 00000003460A Your teammate has taken the flag
000000021F79 You'll need to move forward to attack your enemies 00000003460B Your team has the flag
000000021F7A Triple kill 00000003460C Your teammate has the flag
000000021F7B Confirm your selection to continue 00000003460D Flag returned
000000021F7C Please confirm your selection to continue 00000003460F Last hero standing
000000021F80 Now arriving at Lijiang Tower 000000034610 Get ready
000000021F81 Now changing skirmish locations 000000034611 Flag captured
000000021F82 Double kill 000000034612 The enemy captured your flag
000000021F84 I'll deploy some additional training bots 000000034613 The enemy is taking your flag
000000021F85 I'll bring out some targets for you 000000034614 Protect your flag
000000021F86 Your current charge level is display here at the bottom of your screen 000000034616 Flag returned
000000021F87 But you must fully charge it before using it 000000034617 Your teammate has dropped the flag
000000021F89 These powerful abilities can change the course of a game 000000034618 Flag dropped
000000021F8D We'll begin with sprint 00000003461B Verses
000000021F8E Fire your helix rockets at the targets 00000003461C Welcome to Season 5
000000021F8F You can launch a volley of rockets in the direction your aiming 00000003461D Welcome to Season 6
000000021F90 Your rifle is also equipped with helix rockets 00000003461E Welcome to Season 7
000000021F91 You'll heal while your within the glowing area 00000003461F Welcome to the new season
000000021F92 Now deploy a biotic field 000000034620 Welcome to Season 8
000000021F93 To demonstrate it, I need to damage you slightly 000000034623 Flag captured
000000021F94 Finally, let me explain tactical visor, your ultimate ability 000000034624 Your team captured the flag
000000021F95 Destroy the training bots to continue 000000034625 Your flag can be recovered
000000021F98 Press this button to view additional information about your selected hero 000000034626 Flag dropped
000000021F99 When you have a hero selected you can view details about them by pressing the information button 000000034627 You have dropped the flag
000000021F9A Select a different hero from the list below 000000034628 Return your flag
000000021F9B Before you begin, there is one thing I wanted to go over with you. There will be times when you want to switch heroes during a game 000000034629 Your team is taking the flag
000000021F9D Now changing practice locations 000000034F4F You have the flag
000000021F9E Beginning practice round against the AI 000000037638 Entering the Necropolis
000000021F9F You can now skirmish while I search for a game 00000003763F Entering Oasis University
000000021FA0 You man now skirmish while I find you a game 000000037641 Tie breaker
000000021FA1 Now entering a skirmish 000000037642 Tie breaker objective activated
000000021FA3 Now entering a skirmish while you look for a game 000000037643 Tie breaker objective unlocked
000000021FAF There is 1 bot remaining 000000037644 Capture the objective to win
000000029458 This training program has prepared you to use the weapon and abilities unique to Soldier 76 00000003764A Welcome to the Oasis Gardens
00000002945C Please enter the highlighted area 00000003764B Now arriving at the Nepal Village
000000029460 The tactical visor optimizes your shots so they do not miss 000000037653 Now arriving at Oasis City Center
000000029461 To learn more about the other heroes of Overwatch, please enter the practice range from the training menu 000000037654 Welcome to the Illios Lighthouse
000000029462 This is a place where you can experiment with your weapons and abilities 000000037655 Now arriving at the Illios Well
000000029463 Welcome to the practice range Soldier 76 000000037656 This is Illios
000000029464 Your tactical visor is fully charged, please activate it then open fire 000000037657 Entering Lijiang Command Centre
000000029465 In the practice range you can change your hero here 000000037658 Entering Lijiang Garden
000000029466 Move to the highlighted area 000000037659 Welcome to Lijiang Night Market
000000029468 While moving forward, you can activate sprint to run faster. Try it now 00000003765A Traveling to the Nepal Shrine
00000002946D Once you have selected a hero, you can view their information at any time 00000003765B Entering the Nepal Sanctum
00000002946E To learn more about the other heroes of Overwatch, please enter the practice range through the training menu 00000003765C Traveling to the Illios Ruins