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A table of identified Music sound files found in the 03F folder. Some of these sound files may not be used in the game.

These file ids only exist in the game pre 1.14

Common Music

Filename Description Filename Description
0000000600E3 Intro / Opening Theme 00000004090F We Are Overwatch Intro
00000004094A Hero Select Countdown 000000040971 Round Start Countdown
00000005F2C3 KOTH Hero select/Round start 0000000631BB Elimination Hero Select Countdown/Round Start
000000040983 Match End Countdown 00000004090A Overtime
000000040930 Success, Play of the Game, Stats 000000040964 Failure, Play of the Game, Stats
000000060010 Competitive Intro Screen 00000005FCCC Competitive Game Skill Rating Screen
000000062305 Payload near Objective (Loop) 000000062306 Payload near Objective (Intro)
00000004096B Objective Captured (Offense)

Map Intro Music

Filename Description Filename Description
00000005B8F8 Welcome to the Temple of Anubis 00000004091E The Temple of Anubis
000000040940 Welcome to Nepal 000000040916 Welcome to Illios
00000005F48A Welcome to Hanamura 00000004B36D Dorado Intro
00000004B466 Route 66 Intro 00000004B465 Route 66 Intro 2
00000005B8F9 Lijiang Tower Intro 00000005B8FA Lijiang Tower Intro 2
0000000662E2 Watchpoint Gibraltar Intro 00000004095D Welcome to King's Row

Holiday Music

Summer Games

Filename Description Filename Description
0000000619FB Summer Games Menu Intro 00000006196A Lucioball/Estadio das Ras Intro
00000006196C Lucioball Round End 00000006196D Summer Games Elimination Mode(???)
000000061966 Intro, Summer Games drums + Lucio Music 000000061967 Same
000000061968 Similar


Filename Description Filename Description
000000062763 Halloween Menu Intro 000000062754 Junkenstein's Castle "Incoming" Musical Sting
000000062AAA 000000062AAB
000000062AAC 000000062668 Intro music, Elimination(?)
000000062754 Musical Sting


Filename Description Filename Description
000000063672 Christmas Menu Intro 0000000633A4 Christmas Sting
0000000633A5 Christmas Sting 0000000633A6 Christmas Sting
0000000635F2 Christmas Menu Intro 2 (?)

Year of the Rooster

Filename Description Filename Description
000000063E7D Year of the Rooster Menu Intro, D.Va (Arirang) 000000063E50 Year of the Rooster Menu Intro, Mei
000000063D1B Lootbox Opening 1 000000063D1E Lootbox Opening 2
000000063D1F Lootbox Opening 3


Filename Description Filename Description
00000006669D Uprising Menu Intro 00000006645D Uprising Mission Intro
0000000631BB Uprising Theme 0000000664E5 Cinematic Music?
000000066518 Payload near objective loop (?) 0000000662E2 Uprising Menu Intro


Filename Description Filename Description
000000066B11 Anniversary Intro 000000066B20 Lootbox Opening 1
000000066B21 Lootbox Opening 2 000000066B22 Lootbox Opening 3
000000066B1F Necropolis Intro 000000066A54 Black Forest Intro
0000000666C1 Castillo Intro 000000066756 Castillo Dance Loop

Arcade Background Music

Filename Description Filename Description
0000000633CE Arcade 1 0000000633CF Arcade 2
0000000633D0 Arcade 3 0000000633D1 Arcade 4

Menue/Queue Music

Filename Description Filename Description
00000005ED5B 00000005ED7E Soft dinging
00000005ED7F Soft dinging 00000005ED59
00000005ED80 Soft dinging 00000005ED81 Soft dinging
00000005ED82 Soft dinging 00000005EDA1 Soft dinging
00000005EDA2 high pitch stereo dinging 00000005EDA3 Soft dinging
00000005EDA4 Soft dinging 00000005EDA5 Soft dinging
00000005EDA6 Soft dinging 00000005EDA7 high pitch stereo dinging
00000005EDA8 Soft dinging 00000005EDA9 high pitch dinging
00000005EDAA Deep Dinging 00000005EDAB stereo dinging
00000005EDAC Soft dinging 00000005EDAD Soft dinging
00000005EDAE Soft dinging 00000005EDAF Soft dinging
00000005EDB0 high pitch dinging 00000005EDB1 Stereo dinging

Unidentified Music

Filename Description Filename Description
000000063D75 ? 000000040928 Aggressive Route 66 ending?
000000040984 Map Intro 00000005FD11 Map Intro
0000000616C1 Sounds like Match End -> Hero Select -> Fight! 0000000631BB Ecopoint Antarctica map load?
000000066680 Watchpoint Gibraltar-type sting 000000066682 Triumphant sting w/ Overwatch riff
000000066683 Triumphant sting (objective successful?)