STUD/Texture Override Master

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Outlines the format for the 076 file blob. To see the generic STUD structure that wraps the blob and array definition, see STUD. The file always starts with a header struct.

Common Types

 struct record_t {
   ulong padding; // 0xfff...
   ulong key;


Instance Table ID is 0x14E40F29D7CDF08F, Local ID is 0xC25082A2

 struct master {
   uint id;
   uint next_instance;
   record_t model_override; // check if this key is zero, and if offset_zero is zero. if they are, don't replace 01A files.
   uint unk1;
   uint rarity;
   ulong unk3;
   ulong zero1;
   ulong zero2;
   ulong offset_info; // sometimes zero, points to a reference_array_info, see notes in Texture Override
   ulong zero4;
   record_t name; //hero name
   ulong zero5;
   ulong zero6;
   ulong zero7;
   ulong zero8;
   ulong offset_records; // sometimes zero
   ulong zero9;
   record_t icon;
   ulong zeroA;
   ulong zeroB;
   ulong zeroC;
   ulong zeroD;
   ulong unk4;