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Outlines the format for the 06F file blob. To see the generic STUD structure that wraps the blob and array definition, see STUD.

Common Types

struct record_t {
  uint64 padding;
  uint64 key;


Instance Table ID 0x9EB0A61CE3F03AEA, Local ID 0xCD24159B

struct header {
  uint id;
  uint next;
  record_t sound;	// 09B file
  record_t unk1;	// 078 file
  record_t soundbank;	// 02C file
  record_t unk2;	// 070 file
  record_t unk3;	// zero
  ulong unk4;		// zero
  ulong unk5;		// zero
  ulong offset;		// matches next
  float volume;		// ?