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Outlines the format for the 0A8 file blob. To see the generic STUD structure that wraps the blob and array definition, see STUD.

Instance Table ID is 0x5DBB227A48364073, Local ID is 0xFF82DF73

Common Types

struct array_definition_t {
  uint64 count;
  uint64 offset;

struct record_t {
  uint64 padding;
  uint64 key;


 struct header {
   uint32 id;
   uint32 next_instance;
   uint64 offset; // array definition for complex structs
   uint64 unk1; // zero
   uint64 unk2; // zero
 struct complex1 {
   uint64 unk1;     // zero
   record_t f008Key;  // points to a 008 file
   record_t f008Key2; // points to another 008 file
   record_t textureDefinition;  // points to a Texture Definition file
   uint64 unk2;     // zero