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These are the latest keys for Overwatch PTR. Simply copy the lines below and paste them into your ow.keys file for the most up-to-date key list.

These keys only work with PTR editions of OverTool. Keys listed here may or may not work, depending on what has been added to the PTR servers.

For live keys, please go to the main keys page.

57A5A33B226B8E0A FDFC35C99B9DB11A326260CA246ACB41
4F0FE18E9FA1AC1A 89381C748F6531BBFCD97753D06CC3CD
7758B2CF1E4E3E1B 3DE60D37C664723595F27C5CDBF08BFA
42B9AB1AF5015920 C68778823C964C6F247ACC0F4A2584F8
061581CA8496C80C DA2EF5052DB917380B8AA6EF7A5F8E6A
BE2CB0FAD3698123 902A1285836CE6DA5895020DD603B065
E5317801B3561125 7DD051199F8401F95E4C03C884DCEA33
16B866D7BA3A8036 1395E882BF25B481F61A4D621141DA6E