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Fonts are wrapped in a container that's seemingly 56 bytes big.

There are two TTF fonts and four OTF fonts.

How to get usable fonts

Currently, the method to get usable fonts out of the .050 files is to use a Hex editor (like Frhed) and open the desired .050 file and delete the first 56 bytes of the file and save the edited file with a different name and the respective extension for the font (TTF or OTF)

File list

Type Name Description
TTF 00000000008D.050 BigNoodleToo
TTF 0000000000D5.050 BlizzardGlobal
OTF 000000000079.050 FuturaNo2DDemiBold
OTF 0000000000CB.050 IndustryLight
OTF 0000000000CA.050 IndustryDemi
OTF 0000000000C9.050 IndustryBlack