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Outlines the structures found in the 0CF STUD file.

Common Types

 struct record_t {
   ulong padding;
   ulong key;


ID 0x0A6886A1

record_t model;         // 003 info with model info
record_t alt_model;     // 003, same as model usually
record_t normal;        // 004, effect?
record_t spec;          // 004, effect?
record_t alpha;         // 004, effect?
record_t material;      // 01A, override model?
record_t alt_material;  // 01A, override alt model?
record_t title;         // 07C
record_t hidden;        // 0C3 file, not in CMF
long offset_bundles;    // array, type = Bundle
long zero;
record_t efct_material; // 01A, effect material?
ulong event_id;


record_t definition; // 00D
record_t title;      // 07C