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Outlines format for the instance ids found in the 0BF file blobs. To see the generic STUD structure that wraps the blob and array definition, see STUD.

Common Types

struct record_t {
  uint64 padding;
  uint64 key;


Instance ID 0x99A19357DAF2CF8C, Local ID 0x34C4FFE6

struct header {
  uint id;
  uint next_instance;
  ulong zero1;
  record_t animation1;	// 006 file
  float* floats1[18];	// maybe matrix3x3 * 2?
  record_t animation2;	// 006 file
  float* floats2[18];	// maybe matrix3x3 * 2?
  record_t animation3;	// 006 file
  float* floats3[18];	// maybe matrix3x3 * 2?
  float* floats4[4];	// ?