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 struct header {      // 0x80 bytes
   u32 magic;         // IVOM / MOVI
   u16 version;       // 4
   u32 unk1;          // 0x000
   u16 unk2;          // possibly flags
   u32 width;         // if unk2 != 0x00
   u32 height;        // if unk2 != 0x00
   u32 unk3;          // 
   u64 soundKey;      // Index to sound (index.0BB)
   u64 f02CKey;       // Subtitles?
   char* padding;     // to 0x80

There are some inconsistencies between files, sometimes width/height is on a different position. Depends on unk2?

After the header, there's a KB2j section, which is a Bink Video 2 container without any sound bytes.

unk2 seems to change depending if the video has audio in a separate index or not.