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Outlines the format for the 09F file blob. To see the generic STUD structure that wraps the blob and array definition, see STUD. The file always starts with a header struct.

Common Types

 struct record_t {
   ulong padding;	// 0xfff...
   ulong key;


Instance Table ID is 0xC670329155D47265, Local ID is 0xF42FE559

 struct header {
   uint id;
   uint next;
   record_t f002;	// 002 file
   record_t funk_1300;	// added in
   ulong unk1300_0;     // added in
   ulong unk1300_1;     // added in
   ulong unk1300_2;     // added in
   ulong unk1300_3;     // added in
   record_t f002n;	// see note 1
   record_t bgImg;	// loading background texture
   record_t flagImg;	// loading flag texture
   record_t f00d;	// 00D file
   record_t f00d2;	// 00D file
   ulong unk1;
   ulong unk2;
   ulong unk3;
   ulong unk4;
   ulong unk5;
   ulong unk6;
   record_t name;	// string file
   record_t sub;	// string file, subline
   record_t stateA;	// state string A (DEFEND, etc)
   record_t stateB;	// state string B (ATTACK, etc)
   record_t desc1;	// description pt. 1
   record_t desc2;	// description pt. 2
   record_t texture1;	// image?
   record_t unk_rec1;	// zero?
   record_t unk_rec2;	// zero
   uint unk7;		// ?
   uint unk8;		// unk7 + 1?
   uint unk9;
   uint unkA;		// 0xFFFF


  1. shares the same ID as 0BC files, erase last 32 bits, mask with 0x0DD0000100000000 to get 0BC Format 1 file
    BC_ID = (f002n & ~0xFFFFFFFF00000000ul) | 0x0DD0000100000000ul;